Sunday, 15 December 2013

Shunji Matsuo 2013 D&D X Hair Model

It was Shunji Matsuo's annual Dinner and Dance (D&D) last monday, and I was Sally's hair model for the hair styling competition! We represented the 313 branch for some category (I don't know what), where I have been doing my hair at this whole year.. It was my first time being a model *strikes it off my bucket list* and it was quite an experience!

Sally did a super elaborate up-do on me following her sea theme. There was a handmade ship on my head, with loads of curls as the waves. My hair was tonged, backcombed and pinned up strand by strand, it was really a lot of work! I was wearing some sailor cosplay costume with knee high boots with heels.. Oh, and the super dramatic falsies that are like more than one inch long!!! I went back to the salon for quite a few days for Sally to try out and to practise the hair style on me, and she really did a great job! So proud of her! :')

Anyway, she got THIRD in the competition!! :) And we all feel that she deserved an even better ranking actually..

I always thought that being a model is very glamourous, never have I imagined the boredom of sitting there for hours and getting my butt numb haha! Luckily the people at the salon are all very friendly and nice, they kept talking to me to keep me entertained hehe. It was a little scary on stage, but it wasn't that bad since this was just an internal competition, so I don't have to cat walk.. The worst part of everything is when travelling from 313 to the Japanese Association, which is the D&D's venue, as the ship is already attached to my hair and I had to bend down the whole ride. I need to support the whole weight of my head with my neck, and my neck almost broke haha!

All the photos in this post are either from Sally or Alice or from my phone, so pardon me for the photo quality. Was unable to bring my camera and to lug it around while we have to do the show!

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If you need hair styling for your events/parties/dinners, be sure to go to Shunji Matsuo at 313!

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