Friday, 13 December 2013

VanityTrove Christmas Giveaway

Remember the trove that I curated - "YingJie's Christmas Picks"? I blogged about it last week here~~

It is sold out already, I'm happy and sad about this at the same time lol.

But anyway, if you are still itching to get it, you have one last chance to get it, for FREE! :D

The VanityTrove team have kindly set aside 2 troves for a giveaway for my readers before it went out of stock!! :)

How to join?

Tell me what is your favourite item in "YingJie's Christmas Picks" and why on my profile page at (If you don't have an account, please go create one!)

Remember to @mention the product's name, @mention "VanityTrove YingJie's Christmas Picks" , and to hashtag #Giftmetrove.

For example, "My favourite item is Collection Hot Lights Lipgloss because I never had a lipgloss with a mirror and light before. @Collection Hot Lights Lipgloss @VanityTrove YingJie's Christmas Picks #Giftmetrove"


There are 2 troves waiting for their new owners, so good luck!!!! ^^

Winners of this giveaway are Candice Cheng and Rachel Tan, Vanitytrove will be emailing you girls! :)


  1. I like the look of the Realfinish lipstick, not sure if this is a worldwide competition and I am in France, either way it's a great giveaway

  2. huh? there is no realfinish lipstick here?