Thursday, 26 December 2013

William's Birthday X Sentosa

It was the boy's birthday two weeks ago and we had a nice long day out!  *finally a personal post*

What we did basically: Eat, Sentosa, eat, spam photos! :D Am very thankful for the weather that day, just a slight few minutes of drizzle only..

We took like 200+ photos that day, super happy! I filtered out a few to post here only, don't want to look like I'm crazy spamming hehe..

Lunched at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant!





Then, we headed to Sentosa!~ Camwhore once we reached Sentosa hehe..




The main highlight of the day would be Sentosa 4D Adventureland! There are 4 rides in the 4D adventureland, and we were allowed to take unlimited rides. We paid about $70 for 2 tickets, after 10% passion card discount..

We went on a Friday afternoon, so there was not much people, just some families with kids. The queue was quite short so we didn't have to wait too long for any ride.. To be honest, the whole place was a little run down and not like a theme park which I expected it to be, but it is okay, we had fun!

There were 2 simulator rides, 1 cinematic one and another game ride! We went for the Desperados game and Journey 2 ride twice each! The Desperados is a shooting game, whilst Journey 2 is the cinematic ride, similar to the actual movie Journey to the center of the earth, which both of us love the most! There was water, smell, centipede, bubbles, etc during the show, super fun although the centipede was itchy and scary haha~~

I guess the 4D Adventureland is somewhere worth going, but not something that I will want to visit twice..

Not much photo because the place wasn't very pretty, and no photography allowed during the rides too~






Went to snack and walk around other parts of Sentosa after spending 2+ hours at adventureland..


My cute BF! ♥ He a lot "pattern" in the photos hahaha, but I shall keep the rest for myself!


Self-entertaining hehe~


And then it was dinner back at Vivocity again, we dined at The King Louis. First time there, and we happily ordered a big platter to celebrate my baby's birthday! We had the Knight Constantine platter, but we switched the mussels and calamari to fish and chicken instead.

It was full house that night, luckily we made reservations! We waited quite some time for the food, the food is freshly prepared I guess, and our time was worth it..

The platter was huge, we were like "OMG!" when it was served. We didn't expect so much food, although we knew that it is a platter.. Apart from the prawn, fish x2 and chicken, there was apple, salad, plus a lot of potatoes and cooked veggies..The food was good, love the prawns and fish and apple with cinnamon sauce! Surprisingly, I wasn't sick of the potatoes at all, it was cooked pretty well. I can't believe it but we finished the mains, two piggies haha.. There were some leftover veggies and potatoes though..

It costed about $90 with two drinks if I never remember wrongly (this was one of the cheaper platters).. I will want to go back and try the other seafood platters again! :)



Last photo with my birthday boy and his birthday platter! :)


Oh and we went to get Ben & Jerry's ice cream after that!  :P



  1. For the Hong Kong Gary restaurant, did you order a set lunch? Approximately how much is it? :)

  2. Yup, set lunch! I can't remember the price though, quite cheap, should be less than $20?