Thursday, 9 January 2014


Today's post will be about a 3-in-1 goodie for your skin, a product that make your skin firm, radiant and moisturised....... the FIRM-365TM Facial Firming Serum with V-techology from Goodskin Labs!

I'm in my early twenties now and over the past year, I noticed that I'm starting to have wrinkles and my skin is not as firm as before already :( Luckily I found this product!


With highly effective ingredients, the FIRM-365TM formula delivers a targeted firming and lifting solution. A potent blend of vitamins and nutrients helps boost skin’s natural production of collagen, while peptides and moisturizers help plump skin for a firmer, sculpted look. The result? Over time skin becomes radiant, facial features appear more defined, and sagging skin is visibly firmer and more lifted.

Main benefits of the product:

RADIANCE COCKTAIL - Smooth, radiant skin

V-TECHNOLOGY - Kicks skin’s natural collagen production into gear, while also helping to visibly repair, resulting in a firmer, lifted, more sculpted appearance

MOISTURIZATION - Hydrates skin instantly for a plumped look


The product is a shimmery golden color, pretty hehe..


For best results, gently massage 3-5 drops over clean face and neck, morning and night. Let set and follow with moisturizer.


It gives a matt texture after application, and I cannot feel anything on my face after a short while.I quite like the texture of this product, matt and non-sticky after some time. It makes my skin look more radiant instantly after application, and I also feel that my skin is firmer!


Yay can't wait for my skin to become firmer and for my wrinkles to be gone! Hope my chubby face will be gone soon, V-shape face please!

Contest time!

Strike a “V” pose (like my photo above), take a photo and and post on Sasa's Facebook page. 5 lucky “posers” will each win a $200 GSL product hamper & $200 worth of SaSa Gift Certificates! Contest ends on 9 February.

Also, you may redeem a FIRM-365 sample from any SaSa outlet or at after participating in the competition!

Good luck! :)

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