Friday, 3 January 2014

My Hair Story #10 – My first perm!

If you don't know, Shunji Matsuo at 313 have been taking good care of my tresses for more than a year already! Time flies... Read here for all my previous hair stories with Shunji Masuo at 313~

Anyway....... I have curly hair now!!!! I think my curls look quite koreanish right? Now I can have effortlessly styled hair everyday when I head out hehe, good for lazy people like me who can't style my own hair for nuts..

As usual, hair transformation done by Jerry, he have been wanting to perm my hair since months ago haha, I always chicken out halfway but I finally got it permed now! :)


A "before" photo of my hair.. Getting messy because the effect of the previous cosme cream (done more than half a year ago) is wearing off.. Cosme cream is a japanese alternative for rebonding, read my cosme cream blog post here if you wanna know more.. I love cosme cream, cosme cream makes my hair super neat and manageable!


So apart from perming my ends, Jerry decided to do cosme cream at the top so that my hair will be neater, especially my new wavy roots.. Didn't recolor my hair color this time round because Jerry said that cosme cream and perming will affect the hair color, it is better to color after the perm/cosme cream. So yah, hair coloring for me next month, and then I'll be ready for Chinese New Year with pretty hair~

Haircut first!


Then cosme cream and digital perm was kind of done at the same time, so it took about 4-5 hours, not as long as I have imagined haha!


Was watching my drama as they work their magic on my hair, so time passed pretty quickly!


Blow dry.... Eggcited to see my final hairstyle, it is my first time perming after all!


Tadah, smooth smooth hair with pretty curls! ♥ Honestly, I was surprised that my curls are as smooth as the top, because people always tell me that perming is very drying and damaging the hair.. No please, my hair super smooth without treatment at all!


And here's the back!


Jerry also gave me this Arimino Spice Water for homecare, this is kind of like a leave on moisturiser for curled hair! I like it because it is non-oily unlike most haircare products..


I have to be more hardworking in taking care of my hair now.. Jerry taught me how to blow dry my curls, I will have to twirl my ends even if I'm letting my hair air-dry so that my hair will be neat and curly! Also, I need to apply this spice water daily after washing my hair to moisturise my hair and prevent it from drying out.. I really hope lazy me can maintain the curls properly!!! :)


A few more camwhore shots of my new hair as I wait for my dinner to be served after doing my hair that day~


Did I mention that my curls are super smooth and bouncy? Doink doink! BF was having fun bouncing my curls the other day..


My curls quite koreanish right? Hehe! Mega like!!!


It has been about 2-3 weeks since I got my hair permed, and I think my curls look nice even when messy and loose hehe!!!


How do you like my curls?? :) Chinese New Year is coming in less than a month's time, time to get a new hairdo!!! Remember to look for Jerry when you visit Shunji Matsuo at 313, quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services!

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