Sunday, 5 January 2014

Personalised Vanity Trove #9

Sorry for such a backdated post on the regular VanityTrove! I probably received this 2 or 3 months ago and also drafted this long long ago..

Been busy with VanityTrove's christmas marketing previously so I didn't want to blog about this to confuse you all. Anyway, I am very thankful for the support for "YingJie's Christmas Picks!", I was surprised that it got sold out so quickly! :)

For the x'mas trove, you can actually purchase a box of items that I picked out specially. And now, for the regular normal VanityTrove, you get to pick any 6 items from the long list of stuffs they have at their site.. You can do this all year long, any day and time!

Look what I've checked out again hehe, lots of good stuffs... 3 full-sized products and other good stuffs!


Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Cooling Mint Conditioner - I've tried other shampoos/condition from Matrix Biolage before, and they're not bad, so I happily checked this full-sized conditioner out! This conditioner gives a minty sensation which is really refreshing and SHIOK, me like!


Paul Mitchell Curls Springs Loaded Detangling Shampoo - Full-sized shampoo... My VanityTrove is worth more than $25 already! Anyway I just permed my hair recently and woohoo, I can put this into good use now! :D


Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau Fraîche - Another fragrance vial, yesh!! I love it that VanityTrove have been offering fragrance samples almost weekly..


Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm - I'm someone very prone to dry and cracked lips, so I won't say no to a new lip balm, moreover a tinted one! This is full-sized too, happiness for me!


Lancôme GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate - Heard quite a lot about this one, definitely glad to test it out first before considering to purchase the actual thing, since Lancome products is not exactly cheap ya?


DrGL Collagen Essence - Another item which I have been itching to try out! I read the reviews on VanityTrove and sounds like everyone loves it!! Of course I have to try it myself too! And whoa, their sample is really high tech for a sample, do you get me? I mean this pump container..


Lastly, extra samples for me as usual! Watsons bird's nest facial cream and the usual hair serum which my cousin loves..


Overview of my trove again, awesome right?


You can create your regular VanityTrove here, remember to keep checking back because there are new items every now and then! ;)

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