Friday, 17 January 2014

Pic-bits #25 - Some of the food that I had in the holidays!

I've been eating a lot as usual, but I gained a few kilos suddenly, kill me please. I really need to go for liposuction or lipolaser or lipofreeze soon. Mehs. Someone recommend me something?

Ate so so much in the holidays hehe.. But of course, there are a lot more food that I gobbled up and forgot to take photos before eating.. So here are some food photos in no particular order!


Mushroom soup and ice lemon tea. The mushroom soup here is super duper nice, I think the best ever? Super salty and creamy, totally my type! Ice lemon tea is the normal sour type, so not to my liking.


Truffle mash potato, this is super duper nice too! The texture of the mash is very creamy, and there is a slight hint of truffle flavour, perfect because I don't like the truffle taste to be too strong! :D


Half chicken in creamy mushroom sauce. The chicken is super soft, and it comes with cream sauce, my type of food again aha! We always ask for extra gravy, and it is free of charge, happy hehe.. This was not bad too!


Ben & Jerry's

Came here to spend our last voucher! We already brought 4 pints home in early December.. Picked sweet cream and cookies + chocolate chip cookie dough for our last pint, I'm so glad we have the same "taste" when it comes to ice cream flavours! ;)


Song Fa Ba Kut Teh

This is at clarke quay, nice! First time eating ba kut teh with dough fritters, yummy!


Sembawang white bee hoon (白米粉)

Queued and waited for 1 hour for this, worth it! This is one of bf's favourite food hehe :)


Domani Cafe

I blogged about this cafe before here. This time round, mummy ordered a truffle pasta which is freaking nice, but too bad, no photos of it because she dug into her food too quickly..


Pork Ribs





Thermidor lobster


Fluffy pancakes for dessert


Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Opps sorry forthe blurry photo, the place was pretty dim so I can't take a clear shot..


Cold Stone Creamery

Kept having ice cream with my boy lol!


 River Safari

The food there was super expensive and not very nice, so only took photo of the cute stuffs!

The special panda paus! We ate the chocolate filling pau, ok ok only.. Oh, and the dessert for our meals in the background.


This is ice cream, very cute right? I think it is a pineapple + cocobut flavour, not very sure haha..


The King Louis

Blogged about them before here. Me and bf shared this huge platter wahaha!


Old Town White Coffee

Kaya Butter Toast. This tasted quite okay..


Curry potato + 3 pratas, and iced milo + iced milk tea. I don't like my curry potato, some of the potatoes are blackish, and when I asked the staffs about it, they say they deep fry the potatoes before cooking them in curry. But why some of the potatoes not fried leh??? I strongly suspect the fried potatoes are leftovers from some dishes that they can't sell out, and so they threw the leftovers into the curry. Mehs, not gonna eat this anymore!! :(



Been wanting to try the food at Laksania for ages, finally!

Lemon grass drink.. Not yummy but not not nice also, this taste just don't really suit my tastebuds..


Singapore's Laksa. Yay I love this, this comes in second in my list of favourites, first will always be my beloved katong laksa!! And it is better than Katong laksa in one way, because it has half an egg and katong laksa don't..


Laksa Lasagna.. This was yummy too! Good for people who loves laksa but can't take any spicy stuff, because this is not spicy at all. My bf loved this! It comes with laksa gravy, cheese, pasta slices, chicken, and tau pok (fried beancurd). The only bad thing is that the chicken is a little smelly :(



So end of the food spam haha!! :D

I'm preparing my blog post on Bangkok for now! ~~

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