Sunday, 12 January 2014

"Frozen" the Movie

Today (ok yesterday since it is past midnight already) is the last day of my holidays... Just caught Frozen in the cinema earlier on today with William, and it was quite nice! :)

I think it has been showing for quite some time but there were still a lot of people watching it today. Went to watch it because my sister recommended it and I read good things about it online too~


It is kind of like a fairytale, yes, by Disney. Not the usual "romantic" type of fairytale, but more of sisterly love (I think). Enough spoilers, go watch it before it stops screening ok?

I love the snowman, he is super cute!! He's called Olaf, he loves the heat and want to experience summer.. His body can be separated and put together again anytime haha!! Actually W says the snowman is quite ugly, but his character is cute ok... Must watch the trailer that I've shared below!!


There were a few songs that was sang in the movie, it was like a musical.. My sister have been playing them since forever and bf have been singing them just now, so these songs are kind of etched in my mind now.. I'm sharing them below, enjoy!

Do you want to build a snowman?

For the first time in forever

Let it go

Go watch the movie if you haven't! :D

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