Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tips on Chinese New Year

Woohoo, my favourite public holiday is here, Chinese New Year~~ Three days of public holidays (plus it is a long weekend this year) with lots of food, red packets, family members and more!

It is the eve of Chinese New Year already, this post is so so late opps! Here are some tips and stuffs to note if you're still not ready for tomorrow!

Spring cleaning

Do some cleaning and packing, throw away all your old and unwanted stuffs! This is supposed to clean away the "bad fortune", but logically, you will want your house/room to look more presentable when friends and relatives come visiting too.


Most of you should have already done your nails at your favourite salons before today right? Me didn't. For those who haven't, it is time to DIY, spend the time after reunion dinner tonight to prettify your nails.

Pssst, if you don't have nail polish at home or you really need a quick and good one, I'll recommend L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis polishes (you can grab it from any Watsons store) that is super easy to use and dries really quickly!

And here's my CNY nails if you need some inspiration! Just finish doing my nails, did half of it last night and finished it up just now! The roses look nice and ugly to me at the same time hahaha opps, but I spent a lot of effort on the roses ok.. Used China Glaze Poinsettia (Red) and White Out (White) on my nails, and topped it off with Seche Vite top coat which is the best top coat ever, all from Smoochiezz which sells them at the lowest price ever.

dsc09524_2 - Copy


Your facials should be done about one week ago too, but I didn't go for any facial. Opps busy and lazy me. If you're like me, give your skin a last minute boost by masking later tonight before you sleep.. Gonna try out my new masks from Tahpre, they look promising hehe :D



Have you went to the salon to do your hair? If you haven't gotten your roots touched up or treatment done at the salon.. Maybe you can dye your hair yourself at home, some of my friends use Liese Bubble Hair Dye! Or at least do a DIY hair treatment tonight at least? Leave on conditioner for 10-20 minutes in your hair as a mask..

Yay I touched up my roots, added red violet highlights and did my favourite curement herbal treatment at Shunji Matsuo 313! Blogged about it here



I'll be using my own make up for Chinese New Year, didn't buy any new make up because I have too much already. Just use whatever make up you have, nobody will know if it is a new or old makeup that you're using hahaha. Most importantly, just look good! Errr, not much tips on this, just doll yourself up and look pretty okay! :)



Woohoo, CNY is like one of the best ever reasons to do clothes shopping! I did my CNY clothes shopping earlier this January in Bangkok hehe.. Remember not to wear black when going visiting, elder relatives might not like it as black symbolises bad luck! Wear red if possible hahaha, but I think I don't have any new red clothes though..

The most ironic part is that I'm wearing a black dress and on my way to swissotel for my CNY reunion dinner now! Luckily my parents are cool with this kind of stuff..


With that, happy lunar new year! ~

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