Thursday, 23 January 2014

year three sem two

I just wanna whine tonight.... I will understand if you want to skip reading this post..

I am so T.I.R.E.D.


I'm less active here recently because school has started and I'm facing a surprisingly heavy load. Feeling so breathless when it is the second week only. I have weekly quiz, assignment and lab, lab means 6 hours of lab work weekly and full lab report to do. This semester is a lot more horrible than in the past. In the first week of school, I already had 2 quizzes, one online and one during lecture. :( And my life will be looping on a weekly basis like this: lab - quiz - online assignment - work - do lab report - and it goes on. Very tiring.

Oh, and I'm working at night on some days, I really want to save up some money... Plus I'm supposed to attend fitness classes by Fit To Win for the next 7 weeks.. And I need to blog about more interesting stuffs.. Feels like I have no time at all :(

Also, things haven't been going too well for me recently, I really do hope to get out of this unlucky patch soon! Feeling so exhausted facing all the unluckiness :( Even when things look like they are going to turn well soon, something ridiculous will crop up and tadah, bad luck again. Just today, I broke something really expensive in lab for no reason.. I was using it really gently, and suddenly it broke. Roars. This is just one incident, many other ridiculously random and unlucky incidents.

But I can't wait for next week, my birthday and Chinese New Year week! Finally a break for me and more reasons to pamper myself~

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