Friday, 28 February 2014

22nd Birthday!

This post is kind of late, my birthday was in January.. Ohwell, late but still good (food) memories worth blogging about! :)

Birthday dinner with the family + bf at G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant.. The crabs were really really good although they don't look appetising in my photos at all haha. Downside is that this place is really expensive for a semi-coffeeshop-semi-restaurant place. But go try, their crabs really super nice!!! They are well-known for their frog leg porridge too, but I don't dare to eat frogs so I can't comment on that.

20140119_182156 20140119_183048 20140119_182504 20140119_183044 20140119_183140
G7 Sinma Live Seafood Restaurant
163 Geylang Rd
Singapore 389240
6743 2203


Requested to have pancakes during my birthday date hehe! My prawn and garlic pancakes was good, BF had the Chinese New Year special and it was okay-ish (depends on your tastebud I guess).

20140125_132557_2 20140125_133545_2 20140125_134354 20140125_134822 20140125_134834 20140125_150041_2
Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
6333 4202


Also, we went to prawn! First time for both of us, and it was really fun! It was quite epic when we got our first prawn on the hook. Bf was holding on to the rod with the string swinging around (due to the prawn struggling ) and I was busy screaming because the prawn looks like it is gonna swing towards me, and we both don't know what to do HAHA. Luckily the staff was really nice and he came to teach us what to do. Caught 4 prawns in an hour, not bad for first-timers right? The staff baked the 4 prawns for us and we ate them on the spot. :D

20140125_194527 20140125_184819_2 20140125_184946 NA201401252005350014-02-08000000020140125_192833 20140125_192914_2 20140125_192949(0)_2
Ebi J Punggol Prawning (also known as Punggol Prawning)
600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue
Marina Country Club
Singapore 829734
9380 0133


And I was so surprised that I have a brownie-ice cream-cake waiting for me the night before my birthday! Bf's roomies DIY-ed the combination, they sandwiched the ice cream in between 2 layers of brownies, and topped the whole thing with molten chocolate.. Sinful but nice! Too bad I didn't manage to get a nicer photo of it ..



And yay I got a craftaholic bunny from my uni friends! I named the bunny Pinky btw, much to bf's objection LOL. Pinky is really big, she's as tall as my shoulder, bolster size I must say!

1601210_10152146192461590_1706987294_n dsc09489_3


I requested for a birthday date #2 after school on the day of my birthday itself, so we randomly went to JEM for dinner. Had Lenas for dinner, and it was okay-ish only. Oh, and their baked cream pasta was too creamy for me, I already have a super high tolerance for creamy food by the way, go challenge it haha!


2014-01-28 20.12.07 2014-01-28 20.13.48
Lenas (JEM)
#01-16, Jem
50 Jurong Gateway Road

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