Thursday, 20 February 2014

NOTW: LV monogram nails

Woohoo, my nails are branded now! :D

Love this colorful Louis Vuitton monogram design, so cute right? (P.S they look super glittery and much brighter in real life)


I used nail foils to get this design on my nails. Was thinking maybe I should've painted a white base before applying the foils since the base is transparent, but nevermind, I did it already.


This set of nail foil manicure is surprisingly lasting, I've had them on for a week already and they're slightly chipped only. Comparable to normal nail polish!

Got this nail foil from the flea at scape, in case you wanna know. It was $5 for 5, really cheap!

Do note the packaging if you wanna get nail foils from scape, there are quite a few stores selling nail foils and quality may vary.

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