Friday, 14 February 2014

Personalised Vanity Trove #10

I find it very therapeutic to choose items for my VanityTrove, and I carted out a trove last week! School was being a monster and I needed a teeny weeny "shopping" break online. Picking items for my trove is definitely a joy to me since I'm a beauty junkie, plus it is so pocket friendly, each trove of 6 items is S$25 only, plus most of the time it comes with more freebies hehe.


Here's what I've gotten this time round!


4 silk masks from Storyderm that looks super duper pampering, I can't wait to try them! Picked 4 different types in total, Storyderm Collagen Silk MaskStoryderm Vitamin C Silk MaskStoryderm Caviar Silk Mask and Storyderm Red Ginseng Silk Mask. All are goodies for our skin for sure! :)


And ahhh, this is my favourite - Jane Iredale Amber Set ( 3 items + 1 sachet)!


There is a Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip PlumperJane Iredale Lipdrink, Jade Iredale Pressed Powder minature and a sachet of Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream. The Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper is definitely one of my all time favourite lip balm+tint!


Lastly, I also picked this mini bottle of Avance DOU DEMAQUILLANT SUPER, it is quite a good waterproof makeup remover.


Extra complimentary samples.. Loreal White Perfect Laser essence..


And my sister's favourite Fruity Lite tea! :)


If you wanna do some pocket friendly shopping therapy, you might wanna customise your own VanityTrove here! :)

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