Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Day Tips for Girls (Fashion & Make Up)

Wheee it is Valentine's Day again, the day of love! Okay, I mean there should be love everyday, but Valentine's Day is like an excuse to do something more extraordinary with your loved one. I can't wait for Friday haha! :)

So girls that have a date on the 14th, are you excited about this "big" day? I'm here to help you out a little bit!

This post was pretty fun to do, I just did lots of window shopping to fish out some apparels, accessories, footwear and make up that I like.. The collages were super time consuming to do though.. I've included the link to the websites of those online labels, in case you like them too!


I know every girl will be looking forward to dress up for this special day, but firstly, ask your date for the dresscode (if he's supposed to plan for the date). You won't want to turn up at the beach in heels that sink into the sand every step you take..

For those who are going to go on a conventional date, like dining at a nice restaurant, you got my permission to dress up. :)

A simple dress would be sweet enough, I feel. Of course, don't wear a super short dress please, pulling your dress every other minute is definitely a mood-spoiler. Plus you might be sending wrong messages to your date if he's someone new that don't know you that well yet.. What if he thinks that you're slutty? Just saying..


Larysa lace dress from Lovebonito / RIVER ISLAND Black Double Layered Midi Column Dress from zalora / Ashincans Wine Classic Romper from Kissjane / Chantelle Dress in Peach from Klarra

You may want to jazz up your outfit a little with some accessories too!


Somehing Borrowed Plated Drop Earrings and TED BAKER  Brette Belt Buckle Bracelet from Zalora / Leanna Layered Bib Necklace from Klarra / Barbados 3 in 1 Ribbon Rings and Lyn Circles White Gold Bracelet from tracyeinny / High Society Bag - Coral from Elska / Hansel Bow Perspex from Dopestreet Boutique

For footwear, flats or heels, but please don't wear heels that make you taller than the guy ok? I'm sure most of them won't like it if you're taller than them haha! Also, it must be comfy for you to enjoy your date properly~


Garisse Glitter Ballerinas from Lovebonito / MANGO Ankle-Cuff Leather Sandals and BATA Glitter Ballerinas from Zalora / Lexi Pumps (Black) from elska / Adriana Heels from Thewhitecloak 

Make up

Guys always say that they prefer girls who are natural and have no make up on, but in reality, I guess they like girls with moderate make up that look flattering.

If you know how to make up, do your normal make up.. If you wanna look more special that day, just make some minor changes to your usual look! It can be as simple as switching to a bolder lip color or adding a flick to get a winged eyeliner look. For myself, I might add falsies to my usual make up look for that day!


Starlash Tokyo Lash Collection - Yuki / Dollywink lash no. 2 / L'oreal shine caresse / Maybelline Lip Polish

Those who can't really do your own make up, and you insist on dolling up on this day, here's a few items that I suggest for light make up, and these should be quite fool-proof even for beginners.. Use a CC cream for your face, a little brown eyeshadow on your eye lids (near the lashes) and a tinted lip balm on your lips. Definitely no eyeliners for beginners, this is like one of the most difficult thing to master (impossible on first try I think) in basic make up.


Etude House CC cream - silky / Clinique Eyeshadow Duo - Strawberry Fudge / L'Oréal Colour Riche Les Ombres Eyeshadow Quad - Timeless Beige / Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain / Covermark Real finish brightening lip essence UV

Remember to avoid thick make up, don't scare your guy off with the cement-like make up piled on your face hehehe.


And yay, now you're readyfor your date night out, have a great Valentine's day! ♥

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