Friday, 21 March 2014

10 Things To Do (Beauty)

I am one who does not have much confidence in my physical appearance since young, hence my love for makeup and the awesome beauty industry. Here are some things that I have in my to-do list to make myself look better so that I will feel better about myself! :)


1. Skincare

I need a new skincare regime and I have to keep to it! I don't use any skincare apart from facial cleanser and makeup remover usually, opps. I do use skincare on and off, being a blogger I had to review many brands, but at the end of the day, I just feel too lazy to use any skincare, meh.

2. Regular facials

I should sign up for a facial package! I want an affordable facial that does basic cleansing and extraction, no need for fancy masks or stuff because I can do these myself. The last time I signed up for a facial package at a random beauty salon years ago, I think I only went for facial twice and then I forgot about the package I bought till I was typing this paragraph. #whatawasteofmoney

3. Laser

I need to remove my scars. I have fair skin which makes acne scars even more obvious. I need them gone! But I hate the downtime. URGH. Shall consider this again a few months later when I'm having my holidays..

4. Fillers

Ah, my temporary plastic surgery! Did my fillers almost a year ago, so I guess it might be time to do more of it now! Read more about my fillers experience here and here.

5. Jaw botox

I have a fat face, and I need botox to make my jaw slimmer. Same thing, did my botox last year, time for a top-up! Read more about my botox experience here and here.

6. Hair removal

Did I ever mention that I'm a hairy monster? Hairy arms, legs, upper lips and more. I need to invest in some IPL treatment soon, really tired of shaving regularly and cutting my skin with the shaver accidentally...

7. Slimming

Did I mention I grew like 3kg fatter in 2 months? And that I have permanent elephant thighs? :( I really need to research on some effective slimming treatments. Liposuction is definitely out of the question now as mentioned here, boo.

8. Dieting

Well, maybe it is my super unhealthy diet that contributed to number 7? Boyfriend have been encouraging me to diet because I eat A LOT of junk food, but it is soooo difficult not to satisfy my cravings ya?

9. Excercising

Ah. I hate this. I hate sweating and I get tired easily! But this should be another alternative to number 7 which I should explore, since this is FREE.

10. Yoga

I hate exercising, especially when it is outdoors. Went for yoga session with my BF at physical abuse thanks to fittowin, and I thought I should  sign up for yoga class maybe? I love the fact that yoga is indoors, bare footed, helps with health, weight and stress, plus the fact that I'm more flexible than normal people hehe. And maybe with yoga, I can give point number 7 and 9 a miss!


  1. You are not look like fat ok. You have balance sizes.
    At the end, healthy is the main thing need to do...

  2. Wow! Thanks for the information! btw i damn dark~ any product recommended :3?

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