Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Being a woman..

March is International Women's Month, and to be exact, International Women's Day falls on 8 of March!

Before you read on, I don't mean to be sexist although some guys might not like what I'll be saying below. And I'm not saying being a guy is bad, my dad and my boyfriend are guys and I see nothing bad about it. 

I am so glad to be living in the 21st century and in a modern city like Singapore, where there is gender equality and traditional gender roles are not imposed on us females as greatly as before. I can be not girly and yet girly at times.. If you get what I mean..


If I live in the past, then yes, I wouldn't want to be a female, but I am more than happy to be one in the current era (haha)! Compared to the past, I can go to school, I can go to work, I don't have to know how to cook or sew, I don't have to be a housewife when I get married, I can fall in love freely and the list goes on~

Indeed, there are still things that we can't avoid like having menses, giving birth, having lesser starting salary and the social pressure to look good... But, not everything will always be in our favour, so I'm sucking it up! :P

(EDIT: Some of you girls were quite agitated that I'm forgoing lower wages, but I don't really mean it that way. The guys in Singapore went through 2 years of National Service, starting work 2 years later than females of the same age, so it is only fair for them to have higher starting salary to compensate for the 2 years lost? In the end, males and females of the same age should have about the same wage because the female has already worked for 2 years and will have an increase in salary too.)

You see, we can still be girly and fall back onto the female gender stereotype sometimes, which is really great hahaha!

I can be a crybaby and people will not be that surprised... I can "retire early" and become a housewife or taitai (if my husband can afford all the expenses of course), whilst guys who rely on their female counterparts financially will be judged... I am not expected to pay for dinner during dates hehehe (okay some guys will totally disagree with this, but I won't date you so shut up)... I can look good with long hair without looking like a caveman... I can wear both shorts or skirt, and shoes or heels... I have boobies to wear pretty bras and bikinis, whereas guys with boobies get insulted online like Kurt Tay... I have excuse to spend more time preparing and dolling up because I am a girl... Having mences is a great excuse at times when I don't feel like doing some things and others cannot do anything about this at all... And the list goes on..

So yay, let's celebrate girls!! :)

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  1. I agree. In the past life was so unfair and too difficult for women but now we definitely get the best of both worlds. Men miss out when it comes to make-up, handbags and shoes! Like your new hair colour!