Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dim Dim – The Hong Kong Pantry

Went to Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry for a private food tasting session some weeks ago with BF! Glad that we were introduced to this yummy place, we've walked past this place many times without noticing it previously..

Dim Dim is a local based Dim Sum restaurant that offers a wide range of Hong Kong delights. Their food is 100% handmade using the freshest ingredients, and this point is totally proven by the yummy prawn dim sums which I love hehe :D


They're located at Marina Square, it will be easier to find them if you come from Esplanade MRT/exchange.


The restaurant have a contemporary concept, a fresh change from the usual "chinese" concept.


Here are some of the food that we had!

Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$2.60) - Good for those who are looking for milk tea with richer taste!

Fresh Honey Lemon (S$2.80) - Yummy, this can never go wrong! :)


Cuttlefish and Peanut Congee ($S5.00) - Being a typical chinese (I guess), I always prefer to have some carbo in my meals, so a yummy bowl of congee definitely does the trick!


Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Ha Kau” (S$4.20) - Yay did I mention I love prawns? The prawns in the Ha Kau tasted super duper fresh, and the Ha Kau skin didn't turn hard even when it became cold.


Steamed Custard Bun (S$4.20) - This was yummy, BF loved it! We had quite some fun taking the mandatory custard bun shot hehe~


Mandatory custard bun shot! :P


Deep-fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin Roll (S$4.60) - I love prawns and fried food, so this is like the perfect combination for me. Crispy beancurd skin with fresh and juicy prawns in one bite, just imagine it - YUMS!


Steamed Cheong-fun with Chinese Dough Fritters (S$3.60) - This is the first time I heard of something like that! Chee cheong fun usually comes plain, with prawns or with BBQ pork, but never with dough fritters. This dish comes with both peanut sauce and seafood sauce, perfect for those who like their food to be more flavorful.


Mini Egg Tart (S$3.60) - These mini tarts are yummy too, served warm and the crust is just right!


Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun Coated with Crispy Butter (S$4.20) - To be honest, I was too full to "taste" this that night as it was the second last dish. However, I saw a little girl at the next table nomming on this like it is her favourite food on earth, so I guess this should be not bad? :P


Mango Puree with Sago and Pomelo (S$3.50) - I love this to bits, I love how sweet and milky it is!! The only downside is that the pomelo is sour, but I still like the puree a lot hehe :P


Chilled Pumpkin Puree with Black Glutinous (S$3.20) - BF had this, and he liked it. I guess if you like pumpkin, you'll love this. If you don't usually take pumpkin like me, you won't like this haha.


Thank you Dim Dim for having us! :)

 Dim Dim – The Hong Kong Pantry
6 Raffles Boulevard, B1- 16 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Operating hours: Sunday – Thursday from 11.00am – 9.00pm and Friday – Saturday from 11.00am – 9.30pm.

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