Sunday, 2 March 2014

Fashion in February

Whee my exam week in school is finally over, it was crazily busy and super horrible because I fell sick, unlucky me, boo. Finally had time to laze around and surf the web now.. Was browsing through MFP's website and there were quite a few fashion weeks in February! Y'know I'm not always a fashionable person, I prefer to dress comfortably; but it is always good to catch up with all the trends. :)

Seems like natural make up is gonna be one of the next "in" thing, I shall try doing more natural makeup.. Was considering making a new pair of specs recently, and I really liked the oversized round spectacles, hope that the shape will be suitable for my face shape! Also, the various hairstyles make me very tempted to change my hairstyle.. Back to bangs maybe?


Makeup Trends Spotted at Fashion Week 2014


The Best Hair Trends from Fashion Week F/W 2014


New york fashion week [feb 6 to 13]

F/W 2014 Trends for Women's Eyeglasses from Fashion Week 2014


F/W 2014 Rebecca- Minkoff Fall 2014 Fashion Show - Dark Lips like Lorde


London fashion week [feb 14 to 18]

F/W 2014 How to Wear Fashion Week's Pink Makeup Trend


F/W 2014 The Major Trend You Can Even Wear To Work


Milan fashion week [feb 18 to 23]

F/W 2014 Moschino Collection with Mcdonald's, Bbudweiser and Spongebob Squarepants


F/W 2014 Prada Stages Grand Theatrical Presentation


Paris fashion week [feb 25 to march 5]

F/W 2014 Moda Operandi Unveils Be Your Own Muse Video Series


F/W 2014 Samsung Film Shows How Korean Designer Uses Its Devices To Bridge The Gap Between Fashion & Technology


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