Thursday, 20 March 2014

Killing Me X Zombie CC Cream

Hey girls, today I'm reviewing the Killing Me Zombie CC Cream from Korea.

I know the name of this CC cream is kind of weird haha, but it is awesome I promise! :)


Killing Me Zombie CC Cream SPF30 PA++ is a concept of transforming dull and lifeless zombie skin into luminous and vibrant human skin.

Functions of Zombie CC Cream:

  • Corrects uneven skin tone

  • Conceals skin imperfections

  • Whitening

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Hydrating

  • UV Block


Using “Color Capsule Stability Technology” this amazing product has the ability of “skin tone finding”, going well with each skin colour with its triple color capsules. The blemish coverage also aids in correcting uneven skin tone and conceals skin imperfection.

The cream is white in color when pumped out, and as we rub or apply it onto our face, the color will change into the color of our skintone.


For all the photos in this post, I only have this CC cream for my face makeup. No primer, no extra foundation or BB cream and no powder. It is good enough to be used alone!


I didn't filter or edit my skin at all in this photo below so that you can see exactly how the CC cream looks on my face .. Note that I have lots of acne scars and huge pores actually, but all the imperfections are not that visible after using this CC cream, apart from the super deep scar in between my mole and finger opps.


Anyway, here is a photo of me with (right) and without (left) this CC cream on my face. I'm sorry this photo is a little dark, but I didn't edit this photo at all so that you girls can see the real difference.. The skintone on the side with the CC cream is more even and my skin looks more radiant; while you can see lots of pimples on the left forehead and acne scarring on the left cheek. :( Also, my nose looks smaller on the side with the CC cream, this I'm not sure why hahaha.


My Review:

I love this! My skin looks matte, yet glowy from within. Also, the coverage of this CC cream is really amazing, being able to cover up 90% of my flaws!! It is comparable to a foundation, but maybe better than some foundations, as it has extra skincare benefits as mentioned above. :)



Killing Me Zombie CC cream is now retailing exclusively in selected Watsons store at $28.00 for 40ml with a FREE 7ml sample. Go try it :)

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