Monday, 31 March 2014

LOTM X Fynale Bambi Wine Contact Lens

I have a love hate relationship with this pair of contact lens that I'm wearing currently.. I'm wearing Bambi Wine contact lens from the Fynale 148 series! As usual, my lens are from Lust to Lush.

The color totally matches my faded red hair color haha!!


This pair of lenses come in a box with 2 blister packs!


I noticed that this pair of lens should only be worn for a month, unlike the usual online color lenses..


Here is it! I'm sure those who wear color lenses should be familiar with the bambi design. For this pair - black limbal ring, dark reddish brown (wine) color and an inner ring that is an orangey brown.


Initially I hated this pair.. The color is super obvious and I looked really scary in it when barefaced, I think I look like some vampire!! Still, I grew to appreciate this pair of lenses after I wore it out with makeup.

This is easily the pair of lens with the most obvious color I've ever worn! Even under dim room lighting, this pair of lens is noticeable. I didn't have to use any additional lighting or go near to the light when taking the selfies for this post. Awesome!


To my surprise, I also received compliments for this pair of lenses.. I mean, people usually compliment clothes or hair rather than eyes right? I have strangers asking me what brand of lenses am I wearing when I was shopping in town! :)


Anyway, here are the prices for the upcoming month, go get your lenses now! :D


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