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My Bangkok Trip - Food

Hi there, as promised in my previous Bangkok post about my flight, transport, hotel and the places that I went to, this post will be on food! :D

We ate like mad over there, I think we spent more time eating than shopping seriously.. The food was cheap and good in general! We didn't really research on the food, we just enter any shop that looks nice or interesting haha.. Usually, you can find food at the lowest or highest level of a shopping mall..

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Here are some of the street food that we had, there were more there of course, didn't manage to try all!

Coconut ice cream - super nice! Personally, I don't fancy coconut a lot, but the ice cream was good. Do buy from this brand - Baan Paaw Icecream, they have many stores there I think their ice cream is better, we had 2 ice cream there! Note that there are many many random stores selling coconut ice cream there~




You can choose 3 toppings for your ice cream, there are quite a number of choices available, but I can't remember what are they..



Thai milk tea, many people bought this, so I got one bottle too. :)


Fried squid or squid eggs, I can't remember..


Kebab! :D



Japanese bubble tea here.. The pearls taste better than Singapore's I feel!


Fried quail eggs.. Mine was cold so not very yummy, and their light soya sauce is super salty :/


Banana Prata

This is something that I think everyone will love! Banana and egg in the prata, topped with chocolate and condensed milk syrup, super shiok!



They only make it when you order your prata, so it is always served hot! :)


I found this prata stall on the roadside, at the night market near my hotel! The prata truck looks something like this..


Recommended or not?: Yes!

Billion Beef

This is located at the lowest level of Siam Paragon, they serve thai dishes with beef noodles as their specialty. We went to this shop twice..


Orange juice and lemongrass juice - nothing much about the drinks..


Tom yam soup - I don't usually take tom yam but their tom yam was cooked with milk and is much more pleasing to the mouth than those in Singapore.


Prawn omelette - super cripsy, I like!


Beef noodles - I think this is the specialty of the store, my family loved this.. You can pick the type of beef that you want and also the type of noodles, they picked the thin egg noodles..


Morning glory - This is actually what we call Kang Kong in Singapore, they call it morning glory in thailand!


Chicken fried rice - okayish.. the chicken was quite nice!


Prawn pad thai - this is not bad too.. First pad thai I had there..


Chicken pad thai - in case you are wondering why I had two pad thai, I actually had this during my second visit.


Our bill for our first visit, 1500Baht = SGD$60 for a table of four..


Recommended or not?: Okayish, go for it if you want some thai food!


This is a Japanese restaurant at Siam Paragon. Mum was attracted to this place because of the burger looking food haha..


This wasn't a proper meal, we just ordered some stuff to try..


We ordered the prawn and pork "burger", it contains a cutlet and sunny side up~ The prawn one was nicer but both was served cold, so not very nice..


I also ordered this, it is made of minced pork and cheese. The pork doesn't taste nice too.. I remember eating something like this in Singapore before, it was much better here in Singapore!


Recommended or not?: Nope..

After You

This is a dessert shop also at the bottom level of Siam Paragon, I always see people visiting this place on instagram, so we have to try it too! It was full and we had to get a number and wait outside, waited for about 15 minutes for our seat.. When inside, we have to order our food at the cashier ourselves..


Maple syrup and cutleries..


Chocolate lava cake - quite okay, taste like any other lava cake, but the chocolate lava didn't flow out nicely for my photo :(


Ferrero toast - thick toast with fererro rocher toppings, and guess what, it is soaked with salted caramel syrup at the center, super duper yummy, a must-eat there! However, I must say that 2 scoops of ice cream is indeed too much..


White chocolate cheesecake - first time eating this type of cheesecake, not that nice, the toast is much nicer hehe!


Oh and there was free flow of this drink that tasted a little like jasmine green tea. Our bill was 500Baht = SGD$20 for 3 desserts, very cheap! :D


Recommended or not?: Yes, and please order the ferrero toast when you're there!

(erm this shop doesnt seem to have an english name)

This was a noodle shop at the topmost level of Union Mall. We went in because there were some customers inside that looked super happy with their bowls stacked up like how we eat sakae sushi buffet in Singapore.. Turns out this shop was selling mini bowls of noodles at 12Baht = SGD$0.50!


We ordered one portion of almost everything in their menu. I don't like beef noodles or minced pork noodles, so I didn't like the food here.. Each bowl of noodles is at most three mouthfuls.. Their morning glory was brownish, eeks. The best thing from this shop is their spring rolls, filled with ham and cheese, but the portion was really tiny!


Recommended or not?: No, because I don't like noodles. You may go in for fun though, since one bowl is fifty cents only..

Crepe Cafe

This is right beside the fifty cents noodle shop (mentioned above) at Union Mall. Went in randomly..


Chocolate banana crepe - nothing much..


I forgot what is this called, but it has a chocolate lava cake (in the white thing) and a green tea crepe. I didn't like the crepe but the lava cake was super yummy, the chocolate is actually fragrant.. Okay I don't know how to describe this properly, but it is just nicer than the usual lava cakes..


Recommended or not?: Yes, eat the lava cake!


This is also at Union Mall, our third meal there that night, I think it is on the second floor. Noting much, not as nice as I thought it will be, probably because it was a little cold..


Recommended or not?: No, better to go to Malaysia or Batam for this.

Platinum Mall Foodcourt

Dad wanted to have sharkfin soup at the foodcourt so we lunched here. I'm sorry I forgot to take photo otheir food..

It is quite a hassle to have a meal at their food court, you need to "pay" for food with their card, which means you have to queue 3 times - get the card and top up value at the card counter, queue for food, queue to refund excess credit in the card. But no additional charges for the card!

Only took photo of my pad thai.. I think this pad thai is very good for its price, it cost about SGD$2 only!


 Recommended or not?: Yes, if you don't mind the card trouble..

Mr Jones Orphanage

This is at the second or third level of Siam Center, which is right beside Siam Paragon. They sell cakes here! I've also seen many people instagramming about this place, but we were too full that night after having 2 dinners.. We bought 4 slices of cake back to our hotel, since the cakes look so yummy..

Oh, and the place's interior and atmosphereis pretty unique, maybe you should sit down and eat there if you happen to pass by!


The way their display the cakes is very interesting too!


We bought chocolate banana, red velvet, blueberry cheese and blueberry sponge. I think they are not very nice, but my mum says the chocolate banana one was not bad!


Recommended or not?: Yes for the unique atmosphere, maybe just sit down to chill and share a slice of cake?

HATZ (I'm not sure if this is the name of the shop or the shop beside it opps!)

This is at the topmost level of Terminal 21, randomly went in for their local food and it was yummy!



Blueberry banana shake that was surprisingly not bad..


Their fried bee hoon which was yummy! It tasted a little sour, I don't usually like sour stuff but this bee hoon just tasted good!


Egg fried rice and chicken wings! I can't remember how the rice is like, but definitely nothing bad about it~


Chicken wings that was nice too!


Prawn and corn cake or crab and corn cake (opps I can't remember if it is prawn or crab)! I can't really taste the seafood, the taste of the corn is stronger, but still quite nice too~


Prawn omelette, nice as usual.. No idea why the eggs in Bangkok are yummier??


Some fish that mummy ordered, tasted okayish. Mum says that it is super cheap for a big fish, if I didn't remember wrongly, it cost less than SGD$20!


Recommended or not?: Yes! Especially the bee hoon :D

Laem-Cha Roen Seafood

Our last dinner there, a higher end seafood restaurant, recommended by a local whom my dad randomly chatted with. This is at the top (I think) level of Central Plaza, which is a stone's throw away from Union mall and MRT station Phahon Yothin. This was our best meal there yay!


The menu..


Blueberry and honeydew smoothie..




Garlic and salt prawns (I think..)


Dou miao.. This was really nice and simple, we ordered a second serving for this!


Cod fish! Super duper nice, I ate a lot haha! Crispy and nice, a MUST TRY!


Heres our total bill, not too bad, 2100THB = SGD$80+ for four. Expensive for Thailand, but value for money since the food was so good!


Recommended or not?: Definitely a yes, go go try it!

Mango Tree (at Airport)

I can't even remember the name of this place I finally know the name of this place because Katelyn recognises my plate of phad thai hahaha, randomly went in for a meal before our flight. Food was okay only, and the staffs were really unattentive. It was really crowded as it is one of the only local food restaurant there? We waited for really long and ended up finding seats for ourselves -.- I can't remember what my family ordered there, only took photo of my phad thai..

Thai iced milk tea and watermelon juice..


Phad Thai..


Recommended or not?: If you want some thai food at the airport, you have got no choice. But I'll rather eat fast food I guess..


Yep so that's all for the food we had in Bangkok, hope this was of (at least a little) help to you! :)

If you want to know more about my flight, transport, hotel and the places that I went to in Bangkok, read about it here!

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