Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pets - Dog?

Okay, I'm going to talk about pets in this post, dogs in particular. As usual, if you don't like to read, skip the words, there are some eye candies below! :)

I've never had a pet before, because I guess I might not be responsible enough to take care of one, and I am not home most of the time to care for it or play with it, being busy with school stuffs forever. Plus the fact that I'm now living in NTU's hostel, I don't even stay at home most of the time..

Another reason that I might not want to get a pet is because I don't want to deal with a heartbreak years later when it dies. I don't want to get attached to a pet, and then watch it grow old and die. Pets usually have a much shorter lifespan than humans, they live for ten-ish years (for dogs I think). I understand that same goes for humans, most of our older family members will pass on earlier than us, and we have to watch them go. But I would rather not have an additional heartbreak if I have a choice. I know some will disagree, they'll ask, "Then why get into a relationship? There is also potential for a heartbreak." I don't know how to explain this, but it just feels different. Maybe my mindset will change in the future, but this is how I feel about pets currently.

Don't get me wrong, I love animals, even though I don't have a pet and I don't really dare to go near them. I love to look at pictures of my friends' pets, I follow animal accounts on instagram and I always drag my BF to look at the puppies at the pet shop in Vivocity (near Daiso). Baby animals are especially cute, I always can't help but squeal when I see them!


I guess the first pet I ever wanted is a dog, because I think it is the first type of animal I ever knew about when I was young.. Quite a number of my friends have dogs for their pets! They are said to be man's best friend.. All those dog stories online are always so touching, the dogs are forever so loving towards their owners!!! :')


My cousins have a golden retriever named Sophie, and I visited her for the first time during Chinese New Year! Initially, I was excited yet kind of scared, since I seldom come into contact with dogs. However, she's so friendly and hyperactive, licking everyone, running towards everybody and trying to climb up our legs, I wasn't that scared of her anymore hehe. She's so cute!! :)


She's only a 4 month old puppy, but she's so big right? I wonder how big is she now, it has been a few months since I last saw her!


Happily getting rubs and massages as she gnaw on her bone here.. *squeals* So cute la, I want to see her soon!!



I also saw some other cute breeds online, and I especially like pomeranians and pugs! Here are a few eye candy! (I know, if I ever get a pet, I need to research on the breed to see if it is suitable and stuff, not just judge by how cute it looks.)

There is Boo, a pomeranian with a teddy bear hair cut, he's like a celebrity dog! There are even Boo plushies being sold in stores, I have a mini one from my uni friends for my birthday present hehe..

Then there is the teacup pomeranian, which is super squeal-worthy! They are really really really cute, this one below totally looks like a puff omg, how can anyone resist it?? So unreal right? Ahhhhh.


And baby pugs! Also super cute.. Fat and grumpy looking, but too cute!

Haha this black one super cute too omg!! Still can give the : P face hahaha!



What about you? What is your pet or what pet do you want to have?

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