Monday, 24 March 2014

VanityTrove International Women’s Day Exclusive Trove

I really like those special troves up for sale at VanityTrove! I realised that there are always more items and better items (to me) in their special troves..

I checked out the Cosmopolitan Play Set  which was fully of beauty items and naughty stuffs previously, and this time round, I picked their VanityTrove International Women’s Day Exclusive Trove which is quite awesome too! :)

It came in a pretty white cover, on top of the usual trove!


To be honest, I was most attracted to the sponge that resembles the beauty blender, as well as the brush! I guess it is because I don't usually get brushes or sponge in my trove? Not forgetting the full sized eye shadow!


And yay, more beauty products! Two more full sized items here - the sassi base coat and vaseline whitening lotion.


Lastly, some (slimming) food stuffs!



My International Women’s Day Exclusive Trove is quite shiok right? :)

Get this special trove at $30 only here, remember to enter "WOMENSDAY" when checking out to get it at this price ya?

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