Thursday, 13 March 2014

VanityTrove X Cosmopolitan Play Set

I went to VanityTrove's site to do some retail therapy as usual, and I chanced upon their collaboration with Cosmopolitan - the Cosmo Play Set! I decided to check out this box instead of my usual customised troves since I saw that there were quite a number of samples in this set (btw the normal personalised trove only has 6 samples)..

It came with a Cosmopolitan magazine yay! Ages since I read a magazine, was so happy that I get to chill in bed with a magazine that night hehe..


The trove was packed to its brim, I love it when my trove is full haha! And guess what.. The content of the trove is pretty surprising, read on! I noticed that there are more items in the trove than what was promised on the website, which is good hehe..


TADAH! Here are the contents of the trove! Look to the right half of the picture... What do you see?


These stuffs came in my trove and it was quite a surprise for me since I only briefly browsed through the contents of the trove before check out.. Who would have expected thongs, full sized lubricant, and other intimate items in a supposedly beauty box? :p I don't use some of these items, but I guess the nipple stickers and the low back converter bra strap would be realy handy at times!

  • Impression Nipple Sticker

  • Impression Sexy Thong

  • Impression Satin Eye Mask

  • Durex Pleasure Gel

  • Low Back Converter Strap


And here are the beauty stuffs! Still a lot for a trove even if we don't take the intimate items into consideration ya? Happy!

  • Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

  • Decleor Aromessence Relax Intense

  • Dr Ci Labo VC100 Pore White Lotion

  • Sasatinnie Black Pearl Nourishing Black Mask

  • Sasatinnie Black Pearl Nourishing Black Eye Mask

  • Blumarine Innamorata Lovely Rose EDT

  • Goodskin Labs FirM-365 Miniature

  • Vagisil Feminine Wipes

  • Vagisil Feminine Wash

  • Cyber Colors eco nail Polish

  • Phytokeratine Mini Shampoo

  • Lovemore Deep Sea Water hydration mask

  • Lovemore Thermal Water brightening mask



& here are my favourites in this set! The full sized Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara, Blumarine Innamorata Lovely Rose EDT and Cyber Colors eco nail Polish! I'm sure most of you will love these 3 too hehe~


If you are tempted to get a Play Set after reading this post, go get it here! Remember to use promo code "VDAYCOSMO" to get it at $35 only!

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