Sunday, 16 March 2014

White Label Premium Placenta's Elastic White Skin Cream

Have you heard of the WHITE LABEL skincare range from Japan? This skincare range focus on whitening, and 100% local placenta is used!

If you don't know, Placenta is good stuff for our skin! It is the essence of the organ that connects the life of the fetus and the mother, and it is full of nourishing nutrients! It can accelerate the speed of skin renewal, reduce freckles, dullness, wrinkles and dry skin to create supple skin that is smooth like a newborn baby.

I've got their Elastic White Skin Cream!


Luxuriously moisturizes with a fresh feel: non-sticky gel type, absorbed by skin immediately, moisturize your skin while making it more translucent!

Suitable for all weathers: Suitable for the dryness from air conditioning in the summer, giving your skin elasticity all year round. Can be used amply 60g size (about 2.5 months).

Recommended use: After applying toner, this 1 bottle has the effects of cream + lotion + essence. Moisture is locked up in your skin, so that your skin does not get dry all day long. Apply before bed and wake up with see your skin glow and feel bouncy the next morning, make-up goes on smoothly.


Been using this product for quite some time, and it think that it is great. I love the gel texture that is non-sticky, and my skin always look radiant and plumped up the next morning, like I've just masked. It retails at $18.90 which I feel is really value for money especially since it is an 3-in-1 product! :)


White label premium placenta range is now available at BHG, John Little, Guardian Health and Beauty, Nishino Pharmacy and Plaza@Cosma 100AM, go get yours now! :)

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