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Women and Male Escorts

I haven't really gave a thought about male escorts before, but since I am tasked to write about this topic, I did some online research and it was quite an eye opener. I hope you find this post a good read, even if you don't need this service! (Warning: wordy post ahead!)

Female prostitution have been around for thousands of years, but what about male escorts or male prostitution? I haven't heard much about this to be honest, but from what I read online, male escorts/prostitution have been around for a long long time too, just that not as common as female escort/prostitution.

In all, women have to pay a certain amount, usually by hour, for company of the escort. She can choose to do (almost) anything with him - attend an event or go dating - usually. Of course there will be rules set by the escort's agency, such as no-sex and stuffs. However, I read that it can be an "extra" if the woman is willing to pay more.

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I have no personal experience in this "male escort" thing (duh!) , and neither has anyone told me about their experience on this. However, I guess these are the reasons why some women look for male escorts.. To show off to "friends", to shut up kay-poh (busybody) relatives, for social events during work, better spending power, for companionship, for revenge on cheating husbands, for security, for sex, and the list goes on..

Here is a detailed article on "Why women hire male escorts?" by Holly Jean if you want a better read.


Moving on, I would like to share some articles which I found online, and I thought they're pretty interesting. Articles from both the male escorts and the female clients' perspective.. I will be quoting the more "informative" parts, but feel free to read the full article at the respective sources!
1) Two non-personal experiences shared in a local (Singapore) forum thread..

"20 year old friend hired a male social escort during CNY family gathering (costed her a bomb). I met him at the party. He was handsome, smart, extremely well-mannered and currently studying in NUS. Just to let you know how high quality these guys are: he plays the violin, reads Jane Austen, fair-skin Korean-star guy type, alittle too shy which might be what she asked for (you actually tell them what kind of guy you want) so the parents didn't get to know him that well. The family didn't even know he was a social escort. They're not gigolos, they wont sleep with you. Unless they want to. Most have a strict rule to never sleep with customers. They're just university students trying to earn some extra cash on the side. Nothing sleazy folks"

"My friend ever had a male social escort for like $300 for whole evening. He just joined her for drinks and a drive. In the end, he asked her to be his personal friend. No charges after that night. I just thought that was funny.My friend booked him through the Yellow Pages.She was just upset as her hubby had a mistress in China."

- Source: http://sgforums.com/forums/8/topics/420799
2) The fantasy vs reality of a woman who hired a male escort..

The fantasy (I skipped the sexual details from the original source):

" We’re both moaning and that’s when I look across the room and see one of the girls from the party watching us open-mouthed through the little window in the door. She sees that I’ve spotted her and disappears but I have no doubt at all, she’ll go straight back to the party and everyone will know what we were up to. The model doesn’t know we’ve been seen and I see no reason to stop now. It just makes the whole thing even hotter and tips me over into a phenomenal orgasm. He watches my face as I climax and it makes him do the same. I smile to myself when we walk back into the party and everyone’s whispering and looking at us. I can’t think of a more perfect way or time to exit the reunion in style."

The reality:

"I cried myself to sleep. Not because I hated the experience but because it made me realise how much I wanted a relationship after all. Plus, I was drunk and drinking always makes me emotional! The next day, I woke up and was more pragmatic. The experience was far more positive than negative and I would definitely use him again if I had to for work reasons. I didn’t feel bad about myself for wanting to have sex with someone I’d only just met and the sex was good! It was purely the fact that I’d paid for sex that got to me.

I know sex wasn’t the purpose behind my evening but I did end up paying for it. Did it mean I was ugly or past it because I had to pay? Or did it mean I was a savvy, smart businesswoman who could afford to buy herself the best? I eventually decided the latter but I haven’t told anyone about it for fear they’d think the former. "

- Source: http://www.healthista.com/sex/i-hired-a-handsome-male-escort/
3) A bad first-time experience of a male escort..

"Asking for Jennifer at reception, he was greeted by a woman which, he told, me he would never forget. At least 20 stone, with lank grey hair, around 50, he couldn’t tell for sure, and worst of all, (his words, not mine) she was American! They settled at a table near the bar and She ordered a bottle of wine, and the rest was easy… She talked non-stop about herself and Simon proceeded to get quietly wasted as she ordered bottle after bottle of wine. Inevitably, around 10pm, and three bottles in, she suddenly announced “Damn you’re pretty, whadayasay we just go upstairs and Fuck!”A quick mental calculation and Simon reasoned that after one night and the £500 he would earn for ‘extras’ He would have roughly recouped his losses and would never have to do this again, so they headed for the lift. I ran into him a week later working in a gay bar in Angel, at £5.52 an hour but a lot less traumatic…."

- Source: http://planetivy.com/love-2/9713/becoming-a-male-escort-and-being-paid-to-have-sex-with-women-is-easy-a-how-to-guide/3/
4) Two career women who paid for escort services..

"I can't be bothered with dating, as it's fraught with complications, and lots of men don't like an Alpha female who concentrates as much on her business as I do. For the same reason, I can't be bothered with sex - I'm not into one-night stands, but I don't want lots of complicated strings attached to a relationship, so it's easier to go without and hire men solely as companions."

"I was in Newcastle on business for a few days, I've never been to the city, didn't know anyone, and the prospect of watching TV in my hotel was depressing. I hired him to show me the sights of the city. ... But at the moment I really don't have time in my life for complicated relationships with men. Did I get a kick out of being with a gorgeous man? Of course I did. It was a lovely way to spend what would have been an otherwise dull few hours."

- Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-495487/Confessions-thirty-career-girl-pays-male-escort.html
5) Why a male escort who was in a real relationship ended his career as an escort..

"In the end it was Chloe, a beautiful, Oxford- educated fashion designer, who ended my career as an escort. She was based in Paris but was on business in London. She had hired me, she said, so she could enjoy a night out in the city in safety. We chatted all night over dinner - we had the same taste in music, wine and films - and I felt myself incredibly drawn to her. Before I knew it, we'd left the restaurant hand-in-hand and were kissing in the street, with both of us wanting to take it further.

It was only when Chloe murmured that she presumed she could pay me directly for any extras that I remembered what I meant to her. And how much this act of betrayal would hurt the woman at home who loved and wanted to marry me. I pulled away and left her outside the restaurant, then drove home feeling sickened and thoroughly ashamed of myself. The next day, I called the agency and had myself removed from their books. And so came the abrupt end to my sordid foray into the so-called world of female emancipation. One that proved to me that there is nothing empowering about a woman paying a man to spend time with her - and nothing manly about the guy who lets her."

- Source: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/my-life-as-a-male-escort-7279822.html


I hope that you all enjoy reading this post although this is neither my usual type of topic nor my style for blog posts. I took quite a bit of time to scour through the net for the more "interesting" articles!

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