Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Boob Job: Fillers vs Breast Implants

“B is for Breasts of which ladies have two; Once prized for the function, Now for the view.” - Robert Paul Smith

I am on the chubby side and yet I don't really have much boobs, and that's sad.. I haven't really thought about doing anything to my boobs, since there's such a thing called a push-up bra, and I wear tees most of the time anyway..

Given a choice, I guess I would pick fillers, as I am more familiar with fillers, having done nose fillers before. I am not comfortable with the idea of being cut up and then stitched back again. (Ouch!!!) On the downside, fillers are not permanent, so it will cost more in the long run.

That is just my preference, but I have zero intention to do anything to my boobs for now. I don't want any complications to arise when I decide to breastfeed in the future, not gonna risk my baby's well-being.. Also, I heard that pregnancy will make boobs bigger, so maybe I won't need to do anything to my boobs then hehe!

Which one would you choose? Fillers or breast implants?

For more information on aesthetic procedures, visit here.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

LOTM X Fynale Glamorous 4T Green

Yoohoo, green lens this month! I think I just worn a pair of blue lens about two months back if I'm not wrong? Opps ya, the Beuberry three tone blue!  Decided to wear brighter colored lens again so that there'll be a nice contrast with my red hair heehee :D

The lenses that I'm wearing are from Lust to Lush, the most reliable contact lens seller online from my experience!


Oh, by the way, this pair is called glamorous 4 tone green from the Fynale Classic series!


Close up.. Four tone lenses usually blends really well with the color of our eyes with such intricate details and streaks of colors!


In da eyes... By the way, I have human eyelash extensions done by Beauty Recipe in this photo!


I was expecting this pair of lens to look like a lighter green like crystal lens, but it did not turn out as expected.. Looks like a greyish in the end, still nice in a natural way though!


Last photo! It still goes well with my hair in the end, although it is not as bright as I wanted it to be!


Pricelist for the next preorder! Go go order some lens to make your eyes pretty yo! :)


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ten Things To Do Before I Hit 35 Years Old


I guess my list will look kind of plain since I am not a very adventurous person if you don't already know haha.. Only the last one is quite lame hehe.

They always say #YOLO , which is "you only live once". And we're only young once too! So I guess I really need to do some things that I can't do when I'm older.

As you know, I'm 22 now, and so, I have 13 years to achieve everything in this list.. Hope I can achieve everything here hehe! :)

1) Complete my degree

I'm three quarters through already! One more year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

2) Get a stable job

Hopefully a 9-5 job in the office so that I can have work life balance! Not sure what type of positions I'm interested in yet, I've got one more year to decide heh!

3) Get married

And have a nice wedding! I can't decide if I want a mini wedding with only my closest family and friends or the big hotel banquet type.. The mini one sounds cosy and it is definitely cheaper, but BF prefers the bigger kind which I don't mind too..

4) Own a house

And design it my way! Hopefully I won't end up in some ulu neighbourhood which is where all the more affordable BTOs are nowadays..

5) Have a kid

Honestly, I'm not too sure about this, but I guess I will want a kid in the end. And the risks are higher if I give birth at an older age, so I must have a kid before 35!

6) Earn my first million

While thinking of the points for this list, I realised most of the stuffs can only be done if I have money... $$$$$.... And I actually have a lot more things that I want to do and I'll need money to do them!

7) Start a business

Either a cafe with my boyfriend or a beauty parlour myself! Been wanting to do this for a long long long time!

8) Travel

I'm not that adventurous, but I realised when I'm old and weak or sick, it will be really inconvenient to travel. So... travel when I'm still young! And when I don't have a kid yet.. Bringing a kid to travel will be quite a burden :/

9) Send my parents to Australia for a holiday

My parents love to travel! Not only Australia, many many more countries if I can afford to.. Just that I feel that they didn't get to enjoy Australia properly because I was 8 and my sister was 6 when we went there, kiddos are troublesome.

10) Shopping spree

The kind in movies or dramas where some rich person go to the departmental store, point to something and say "wrap this up" and then point to another saying "and this" and then point to another saying "and this".... without even thinking...  Looks damn shiok to do that LOL!

What about you? Share with me what's in your list? :)

Friday, 25 April 2014

Personalised Vanity Trove #11

Everytime I open a new VanityTrove box, it is like unwrapping a present to myself! Who doesn't love presents seriously? Plus it will be filled with beauty goodies that I want and like (of course, since I picked the stuffs myself), awesome much! :D


What I've picked for myself this time round...


Aha my top 3 favourites in this trove - full sized Canmake makeup omg!! I'm quite a fan of Canmake, so I was super happy to spot these items on the site and quickly went to check out this trove :D You say shiok or not?


Now for the skincare.. Picked the Storyderm mask to complete my collection, I carted out 4 other Storyderm masks in February here. Also picked the Herborist whitening mask which is quite a big tube for a sample! :P Extra loreal sample as usual..


And food! Okay, I mean oral supplements? To be honest I've tried these collagen strips before this, I didn't love or hate them, but I thought they'd be a healthy snack replacement.. And my sister's favourite fruity lite tea, extras in my trove as usual..



If you wanna get a customised VanityTrove for yourself, click here. If you don't have an account on VanityTrove yet, then you'll have to fill in your particulars before you can get a trove for yourself! Have fun and enjoy your trove! :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our Education Molds Our Future

Today, I am going to talk about something that I have never really talked about here before - EDUCATION and QUALIFICATIONS.

Don't go away yet, I know studying is boring.... But if you love what you study, then it is not boring anymore right? Just like what they say, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." So why don't you choose a course you love to get a job you love, then you will never have to study or work!



Okay, let me share more about my "history"..

I was a smart kid in primary school, so I was able to get into Dunman High School (through both direct admission & PSLE) and I was in the pioneer batch of the 6 years integrated programme. Integrated programme means that I will skip "O" levels and take "A" levels after 6 years in the same school.


With that, my secondary school days were really really slack. When you are just a teen and your next major examinations is far far away in 6 years, who cares about school seriously? Furthermore, I was supposed to be "smarter" naturally, so the more I didn't care about my studies. I did attend school daily, but I didn't pay attention in class much. My grades were bad, as expected. I was always looking forward to my after school activities - CCA and going out with friends. I loved going to my friend's house to play Maplestory, and going to Kbox for karaoke sessions.

Most of the photos I have in my computer are from karaoke sessions, opps! These were my two besties back then :)


In year 5 and 6, which is technically my JC days, I was allocated to a really smart class (I don't even know how I got into this class?). Everyone was so competitive and studious, they all want to score well in "A" levels and to get into a course of their choice in a good university. So scary please!

This is my super brainy and competitive year 6 class by the way. (can you spot me?)


With the nagging from my parents as well as the social pressure from my classmates, I began to work harder too. I don't want to end up in a course that I don't like, or even worse, to be unable to get into university at all. Since young, my parents always told me that I should at least get a degree to safeguard my future, and so that I can earn enough to live comfortably. The cost of living is very high in Singapore!


Luckily for me, I managed to do okay for my "A" levels and I got accepted into courses of my choice in both NUS and NTU. I picked NTU in the end, and I'm already in my third year of studies, pursuing a degree in Chemical and Biological Chemistry. I chose to study Chemistry because I liked Chemistry then, and feel that this is the most important "science" which is related to many industries - medicine, petrol, food and the list goes on. Actually, I secretly wish to be able to make and produce my own brand of beauty products in the future with my Chemistry knowledge, but I know that that is not going to happen because there is no such market in Singapore. 

On top of chemistry, I also pursued a Minor in Entrepreneurship due to personal interest. I was always interested to start a business and I love to do marketing, just like blogging! With this minor, I was well-equipped with relevant knowledge which allows me more job opportunities in the industries of my interest in the future. :)

As I grew older, I realise the importance of education and qualification. The certificate we hold will determine our job and our future. Education molds our future, and it is our choice to create the opportunities for ourselves.


 "Create your own career opportunities. It’s possible."

So what about you? Do you have any specific interests or preferred career choice in mind?

If you are a final year polytechnic graduate or currently working, and you wish to enter the enter the creative (arts) and communications related industry, look here, this is for you!!


PSB Academy is offering Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies), which is a part-time course by the The University of Western Australia.

The University of Western Australia has pretty good rankings, it is a World Top 100 University, ranked No. 7 among Australia universities and it is one of the Top 100 universities in the world for Social Sciences. The Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies) programme is taught by The University of Western Australia’s own faculty members who fly in to Singapore to conduct the lessons.

Communication Studies is one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving areas of study in today’s media driven world, critically related to the use of technologies of communication, from spoken language and written text to images on a screen or avatars on the web. This specialist degree provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of communication, combining theoretical knowledge with the development of practical communication skills, including the use of the latest digital multimedia technology.

Today’s employers are increasingly on the lookout for an innovative and creative workforce, they will be seeking people who can research, develop, analyse and communicate ideas in a world of technological, economic, political and social change.

This course will help to expand your career options in the media, marketing, advertising or any communications-related fields and equip you with flexible and portable communications skills, making you particularly valuable to prospective employers and enabling you to change easily to any communications-related fields you desire to work in.

Doesn't this course sounds interesting?


For more information on this course, please refer to this page..

The next intake will be in September 2014, apply now and get a pair of Golden Village vouchers*! :)

*T&Cs apply.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ramen at Men-Ichi

Was at Serangoon Nex with my boy looking for a place to dine at, and we wandered into the Japanese food area. He felt like having ramen so we went into the Men-ichi for the first time!

I guess we were pretty lucky that day, our lunch at Ice Edge Cafe was good, and so was our dinner at Men-ichi! :D

It was a little shop that can sit about 20 customers..

2014-04-05 21.38.09

Us :D This photo was really dark so I had to filter it a lot, and now we are so fair haha!

2014-04-05 21.48.01_2

Ordered a ramen each and I also had a hot green tea, $1 and refillable hehe :)

The ramen noodles are the same for both ramen, very well cooked and yummy! I would say this is one of the best ramen I had in Singapore, along with Ippudo and a few other places which I can't remember at the moment.

Both ramen came with lava egg (half), beansprouts, bamboo shoots, seaweed as well as cha shu (we chose 2 pcs, 5 pcs option is available too). The lava egg was good, how can lava eggs be bad anyway? And the beansprouts, this is the first time I don't mind having beansprouts in my food!! The beansprouts did not have the tiny leaves, and was cooked till soft. I really hate beansprouts in my noodles usually, they always taste so raw and out of the place, but Men-ichi's was good! I have not much comments for the bamboo shoots and seaweed, normal I guess.. The cha shu have an even distribution of lean meat and fats in rings (opps I hope you understand what I mean, if not zoom into the cha shu and you'll know), the meat is good but I didn't like the fatty parts so I ended up giving BF both slices.

2014-04-05 21.02.34

Wafu Shoyu Ramen ($11.90)

Bf's ramen! It was served in clear soup - boiled from seafood and chicken. The soup was good, sweet and very refreshing! This is the kind of soup that will make one feel refreshed and awake after drinking it.. :)

2014-04-05 21.01.31

Sapporo Miso Ramen ($14.50)

This was mine.. The soup base is a milky pork broth, which was really rich and yummy too! It was a little salty, but a lot less salty that Ippudo's. This is the kind of soup that you will feel contented, warm and fuzzy after drinking :) Opps do you understand what I mean? I mean the type of food that will make you will feel really warm and full to go into a food coma..

In addition to the stuffs listed above, my ramen also came with corn and cabbage. Corn was okayish, and I don't like the cabbage because it wasn't soft.

2014-04-05 21.01.38

Our total bill was $32, pretty decent price! :)

Both ramen's soup base are yummy in different ways, I don't know which one I like better! I guess this depends on my mood, if I want to feel refreshed or contented.

Will definitely head back to Men-ichi! :D

#B1-79 Nex, 23 Serangoon Central
Tel: 6634 4638
Opening hours: 11:00am -10:00pm

Friday, 18 April 2014

Plastic E-Surgery

HAHA caught you! Nope, I didn't go for any plastic surgery, but I did visualise my "after" plastic surgery photos online!


If you are intending to undergo any aesthetic procedures, here are 2 very helpful applications that you may want to use.. Okay, I think you will use them, they're so helpful!!

Animation Library

This library consists of super informative videos of different types of procedures - from fillers to Rhinoplasty to boob jobs and more! In the videos, we will be able to learn about how a particular treatment works, see the "inside" of a particular body part, see how the actual procedure is performed in an animation, learn about the results, etc. Don't worry, nothing grosteque, there isn't blood or any real images!

If only there was this application available last year before I did my fillers, I would have saved so much time trying to understand how fillers works! Anyway, the fillers procedure seems really simple after watching the video. Go watch it if you are thinking of getting fillers done, I think this video will put you at ease before your procedure. :)


When I read blogs about rhinoplasty, I would be like: What is a cartilage? Bridge? Dorsal hump? Huh which part is what? I always don't understand which part people are talking about, but this video makes everything so much clearer! We will also get to know which part of our nose exactly is going to be removed or reshaped, where are the incisions for the nose job and so on..


I also watched the video for tummy tuck and I was shocked! I totally didn't know tummy tuck requires such stitching, scary right? Luckily I watched the video, I was still thinking of doing tummy tuck initially.. Mehs.


 Virtual Aesthetics

This app is pretty cool, it allows us to modify our photos to visualise what we really want ourselves to look like while still being us. If you want to go for plastic surgery, it is quite silly to take a photo of an entirely different person and telling your surgeon "I want to look like her". Sometimes, it is impossible, and sometimes, you won't be you anymore. Instead, it will be better if you go to your surgeon with an "improved" photo of yourself, which you can create with this application!

I had some fun beautifying myself too.. I want smaller jaw, v-shaped face, smaller nose with a nicer nose bridge, as well as bigger and longer eyes!


And TADAH! Here's the before and after..


Was bored so I tried to beautify another photo again!


Speaking of all these, I think I need to do more fillers soon, my nose bridge is almost gone again ..

Go have fun with the apps ya? See how you can improve your facial features! :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Make Up For Ever #HDNOFILTER

Do you know that in high definition technology, an image presented is 6 times more precise than before, which means that every detail, line, redness and spot of powder will be more obvious in the image? Sounds like bad news right! Luckily for us girls, there are HD products from Make Up For Ever (MUFE) to counter that problem.


Their latest HD products are the HD pressed powder and the HD cream blush, which I'm going to share about today. Good stuffs I promise!! Making me wonder why didn't I try MUFE's makeup earlier.....


I'm using their High Definition Pressed Powder as well as different shades of High Definition Blush in the 4 photos below! :)



The HD Pressed Powder is a handy, on-the-go pressed version of the cult HD Loose Powder. Extra-fine and talc-free, it shows no texture on the skin and fades lines optically, without settling inside the skin. Many women find the finish invisible, make-up is perfectly fixed, the powder is smooth and non-drying, and sebum is instantly absorbed.

Their pressed powder comes in only one color, which is invisible when applied. So yes, this is suitable for all skin tones.


Because it is invisible on the skin, I didn't manage to provide a swatch of it. Instead, here's a picture of the powder being picked up by my kabuki brush. You can see that the powder is extra fine, took me quite a few tries to focus on the teeny weeny specks of powder.

My review of the HD Pressed Powder:

This HD pressed powder gives a softening effect immediately after application, with a slight luminous glow. You know the Soft Skin Mode in your camera? The first thought that came to my mind is that this is a filter in real-life, it really softens my whole look! Not only does it softens, I find that there is also a slight highlighting effect which I love.

I apply this powder with a kabuki brush for my whole face. The powder is really "loose" and I like how light it is, feels like nothing on my face and my skin can still breathe. Even when I'm have powder foundation on, I will apply a layer of this HD Pressed Powder all over my makeup.

I guess what it really does is to "reflect" our minor flaws like pores and lines, so a concealor is still needed for flaws like acne and acne scars.


The HD Cream Blush has a texture-free second-skin finish, bringing flattering freshness and controlled shine to the apples of the cheeks, producing a stunningly real finish. The HD Cream Blush is extremely easy to blend and offers modular coverage. It’s the quick-shot fix to bringing a healthy flush to the complexion. The on-the-go compact comes with a large mirror to give the skin a flush of colour any time of day, even when its glow starts to fade.

Available in an extra-wide range of 16 shades – 15 nude shades + 1 funky "doll-like" coral hue to meet the needs of every skin tone.


Swatches of the 5 shades that I've gotten - 210 (Cool Pink) , 220 (Pink Sand) , 335 (Fawn) , 410 (Coral) and 510 (Raspberry)! Creamy and pigmented as you can see from my swatches..

My review of the HD Cream Blush:

I have never come across any blush that is so pigmented and long-lasting before in my life. This is really the best blusher I've ever came across, I'm not even exaggerating. The blushes really lasted all day, and still looks fresh when I was about to remove my makeup.

Application wise was much easier than what I've imagined too. Initially, I was afraid that it will look patchy because the colors are so intense (especially 510 Raspberry) and that I'm pretty new to cream blushes, but that is not the case at all. Used a cheek brush to apply them, and it was really easy to blend and adjust the intensity of the blush on my skin!

I love how they took the effort to come up with so many shades to cater to all types of skin tone and make up looks! Out of the 5 shades which I've got, I like to use 210, 220, 410 and 510 for my cheeks and 335 for contouring and as a bronzer because it is a little dark on me. I still can't decide which shade is my favourite yet.


I'm using the HD Pressed Powder and HD Cream Blush in 335 (Fawn) for contouring in all my photos below! You can see which shade suit your make up style more before getting them from the stores :)
210 (Cool Pink)

This is a pink that will never goes wrong. Good for the cute and rosy look!

220 (Pink Sand)

This is a pink with a brown tone to it, the most natural shade out of the 5 blushes I have! It makes a difference to your look yet you can barely notice it, nude they call it.

410 (Coral)

The K-beauty fans will definitely love this orange tone blush, just like me! Perfect to complete our korean make up look!

510 (Raspberry)

This has a cooler tone compared to the rest, I love how pigmented and obvious it is! But do take extra care when applying this shade because it is kind of dark.


Hope you enjoyed this post, took me quite some time to do the looks and the editing! :)

Make Up For Ever

Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora Ngee Ann City
Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Sephora Great World City
Sephora VivoCity
Sephora Plaza Singapura
Sephora Bugis+
Sephora Suntec
MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy & Pro Loft
( 36 & 38 Armenian Street #01-06 & #02-06 )


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Red hair again!

Went to re-dye my hair red again, the exact same color as my previous blog post - REDHEAD. I love the red color so much that I just have to be red again! :)

The color is so red and bright that I feel super shiok whenever I look at my reflection, awesome job done by Jerry from Shunji Matsuo at 313 once again! The red attracted lots of attention and compliments, I'm a happy girl!

This red looks pinkish and purplish under different lightings, all my favourite colors whee~


By the way, note that no bleach was used to acheive this color. Just hair dye alone to achieve this intense shade of red! Many friends thought that I bleached my hair, but no, I didn't. So don't worry about your hair drying out if you want to have bright red hair ya? Just go to Jerry at Shunji Matsuo 313, sit there for an hour or two, and you'll have pretty (or handsome) red hair hehe :D

Same thing, did my favourite Japanese Curement Herbal hair treatment after the dye to pamper my hair. Have been putting my hair through a lot of chemical procedures the past months, dye and perm and dye and dye......! So yea, my hair needs some maintenance session too :)

Okay, I'll stop talking, photos now!


Jerry also tonged my hair after the dye-job! Pretty curls, make me so tempted to get a hair curler~


Looking like a brighter shade of red in brighter lighting! The actual color is actually more of a cool tone and not so orangey, take note!


Yippee I love my hair! ✌ 


MY RED HAIR NICE RIGHT? *FLICKS HAIR*  I think I won't mind having red hair all my life?

Jerry and Shunji Matsuo at 313 have never disappoint me, read about all my previous hairstyles and hair colors here:)

*Flicks my red hair again*

Like my hair? Want to dye it red? Remember to quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services at Shunji Matsuo at 313, and ask for Jerry!

Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset
Tel:   6238 0226
FB Page: