Monday, 7 April 2014

Cafe Hopping: Ice Edge Cafe

Hey people, I am back!! Just had a killer week in school, and finally I can "rest" a little before the big finals that is coming in a few weeks.. Finally had a proper date with my boy in the weekends, and we went cafe hopping in Singapore! Boyfriend tasked me to plan this date, so I decided to lunch at Ice Edge Cafe at Kovan, and it was a good choice! :)

I actually have a list of places that I wanna eat at, because I will note down the names of the cafes that my friends or other bloggers shared on instagram. Anyone does that too? Hehe. I want to explore those other cafes on the list too, so be sure to check back for other cafe reviews in the future! And if you have any cafe to recommend, let me know...

Anyway, I decided on this place because it is pretty near to the MRT station, a 5-10 minutes walk from Kovan MRT station. Note that there is no shelter from the MRT station to the cafe, luckily we had an umbrella to shelter us as it was drizzling that day. Another deciding factor is that they have a lot more choices for main courses compared to the other cafes on my list. My aim was to lunch here, so we needed solid food..


The menu and the order form.. I really like the wide variety of food that they offer, from sides to main courses to desserts and gelato ice cream! Their service was good and efficient, there is a button at each table that we can press to submit our orders or to call for the bill, so no awkward waving required.


Here's the interior of the restaurant. Quite a lot of seats and the place was full the whole time we were there. They also have some outdoor seats, but luckily for us, there was an empty table inside when we arrived hehe!


Mushroom Soup ($5.80)

The mushroom soup is served with 2 slices of garlic bread. The soup is pretty good, made from fresh mushroom yet not bitter at all, and there are lots of mushroom bits inside. The serving is good enough for 2 people yay. I find the garlic bread a little stale, but BF liked it, especially when dipped in the mushroom soup.


Gelato Float - Black Cow ($7.80)

We chose Black Cow, which is a root beer float, over the sprite float (which I forgot the name). And guess what, we were allowed to choose the gelato ice cream flavor that we want in our float, so fun! The staff told me that most customers will pick Vanilla or Champagne Vanilla, but I decided to pick the Cotton Candy flavoured gelato to make things more interesting, that explains the baby blue stuff in our drink. It was pretty good, and I will have this combination again when I'm back!


Buffalo Wings ($10.80)

Ordered this because I saw good reviews for this online, and indeed, it didn't disappoint. Was expecting a small portion, so we were quite shocked when this basket of wings was served to us, 4 chicken wings to be exact. (Note to self: Only order this when there are more people dining together.) The sauce was tasty despite being spicy (both of us don't take spicy stuff usually), and the meat is quite fresh!


Pesto Cream Chicken ($17.80)

Chicken chop served with pesto cream, salad and potato wedges.


The BF had this, and he loved it. He likes his food usually, but I rarely see him loving his food this much! He said that every part of it was good. He loved the sauce a lot, and was busy dipping all his potato wedges into the sauce when he ate, what a cutie hehe.. And he was praising his food the whole time, so glad that I picked this cafe!


Prawn Pesto Cream Linguine ($17.80)

Linguine served in pesto cream sauce with prawns.


Mine mine mine! Same sauce as BF's chicken, and it was pretty good. I love cream pastas (if you don't know) and I find this pesto cream less "gelat" (sickening) than most other cream pastas out there. The pasta was served al dente and the portion was huge. It came with a generous amount of fresh prawns that tasted really good too! Fresh prawns is really important to me, I hate those crystal prawns that are springy and tasteless, eww.

2014-04-05 14.22.27_3

We were too full for desserts that day as we ordered too much food! I didn't manage to finish my pasta as well as my share of the chicken wings, opps!

There is 7% GST charge but no 10% service charge. Our bill was $60-ish in total, which is a little on the high side, but still worth it I guess!

Highly recommend this place, and we're definitely heading back there again! :)

Dinner that day was Ramen at Men-Ichi which was pretty good too ^^

2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-10, Singapore 548008
Tel : 6858 5729
Opening hours: 12pm - 12am daily

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