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FAQs about being a blogger

It has been years since I started blogging, and I have been blogging with My Fat Pocket for almost 2 years already! Gosh, how time flies!

My friends and some readers are always curious about the whole blogging thing. Questions that people usually ask me: How did you become a blogger? What is My Fat Pocket? What do you really do? How did you manage to juggle between school and blogging? Do you know other bloggers? What are the benefits of blogging? Do you get a lot of freebies? Do you get paid?  Are you going to become a full time blogger next time?


I'm going to answer some of these questions today, and I have good news for fella bloggers right at the end of this blog post! :D

How did you become a blogger?

I started blogging since secondary school! Anyone can be a blogger, I swear. Just sign up with blogger, wordpress or any other blog hosts available! It is free most of the time, and you can customise how your blog looks with premade blog skins online or simple html codes. With that, just start writing and tadah, you are a blogger already! :)


What is My Fat Pocket?

Some friends mistaken My Fat Pocket (MFP) as my website, no it is not mine! Some other friends mistaken MFP as a blog host, and thought that MFP is similar to, no it is not really a blog host although I blog here!

MFP is actually an online female's portal featuring daily read and guide to Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Relationships, Lifestyle, Bloggers and the Female Community. I am only a small and humble part of MFP hehe, and they manage my blog! :D

Here are some of us from MFP!


What do you really do?

I blog! I write about basically anything I like, personal, beauty, fashion, food and so on. It is my personal space aka diary afterall. Occasionally, I review sponsored items that I like, blog about media events that I attend (but I rarely do as I'm busy with school) and advertorials when the opportunity arises.


How did you manage to juggle between school and blogging?

Honestly, this is no easy feat, especially now, schol is crazy this semester!! (Did you notice the drop in frequency of blog posts?) Producing a good quality blogpost with HD photos requires time and effort - drafting the post, QC-ing the photos, editing the photos and finally putting the words and picture together - each post takes me at least a few hours?


Blogging is my hobby and I guess that is why I am motivated to keep my blog alive. Luckily blogging is kind of like freelance, I do it when I'm free. I can draft more posts in the weekends and schedule them to be published over the week.

Do you know other bloggers? Do you know Xiaxue?

I made some blogger friends during media events and through MFP. My first friend from MFP is Theresa, and my first friend from media events is Katelyn! Ok, finally found a picture with both of them inside. This was at Zouk during VanityTrove's event last month, Jocelyn and Candy are in this photo too.


And no, I don't know Xiaxue!!! I'm just a tiny fly compared to her in this blogging industry LOL. I do wish to see her in real life one day though, she's my idol after all! And miyake too! *fangirls*

What are the benefits of blogging?

I'll state the non-material benefits of blogging here, and I will talk about the material benefits in the next question.
Personal growth

Blogging allows me to reflect on myself and my life sometimes, especially personal blog posts here.
Improving my physical appearance

I won't deny that people expect bloggers to look good, and I did receive hate comments scolding me about my eyebrows, my smile and my moustache before. Also, I want to look good in my own blog! There is this natural constant push to improve how I look, and all in all, my makeup skills, photo-taking skills and photo-editing skills improved a lot. Furthermore, MFP also opened me up to the idea of aesthetics, such as fillers and botox!

Photo from the left is taken from an advert post about 2 years ago, and the photo on the right is taken recently. Just compare the photo quality, make up and editing haha!

Recognition & opportunities

Recognition, I admit, is kind of like an ego boost, but also one of the most "deciding factor" of success in blogging. When brands and companies recognises you and your work, doors of opportunities open for you.

I was one of the blogger ambassadors for L'Oreal Paris Beauty Destination 3 months project. Did a big eye make up tutorial, attempted some DIY nail art and also attempted to recreate Katnis Everdeen's look from The Hunger Games 2, read more about it here!



I got the opportunity to be a hair model for my hair sponsor, Shunji Matsuo 313, at their annual dinner & dance. Once in a lifetime opportunity for normal looking people like me yo? More photos here, all photos are quite blur since I didn't have my sony camera with me that day.

I was also picked to be one of the blogger influencers for VanityTrove's Chistmas 2013 project, and I get to choose the beauty goodies to be sold in a trove named after me! I was so proud that my trove was the first to be sold out days before christmas, read more about it here.


You might find this photo familiar to you if you read the newspaper. I was featured on the newspaper advertisement for this Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask. My friend saw me on newspaper, but I didn't get to see how the ad looks like! Here's my review on the product by the way.

Do you get a lot of freebies from sponsors?

Yes I do, I get sponsored free products as well as services! Sometimes, we are expected to blog and review the services and products though.. So take note that things are not entirely free for us, we blog in return for the stuffs ya? Over the recent few years, I received lots of sponsored products, and those which I blogged about are listed here.

Moving on, I would also like to mention my two most favourite sponsors - Shunji Matsuo at 313 and Lust to Lush!

Shunji Matsuo at 313 is my hair sponsor, and they have been taking care of my tresses for one and a half years already! This is my second year with them and I am so glad to be able to try out so many hair style and colors that I would've never done if not for them - ombre, perm, cosme cream and my current bright red hair. *flicks my red hair hehe* Click here to see all my previous hairstyles done by Shunji Matsuo at 313.

Lust to Lush is my contact lens sponsor, and I have been with them for 2 years already. Super love them for keeping my eyes pretty the past few years!! Here's the list of lens review I've done, they are called Duffy Beau previously!

Do you get paid? Is it a monthly pay or by the number of advertisements?

Yes, I do get paid, in both ways!

MFP actually gives a monthly tiered payout according to our blog viewership, so come to my blog more okay? The higher my viewership is, the more money for me! :D

I also get paid per advertorial, but the amount of money I get for each advertorial differs depending on the client and requirements of the ad, and the frequency of advertorials is not stable.

My biggest advertorial so far would be the one with Cutis Medical Laser Clinic, where I also got sponsored to do fillers and botox to enhance my appearance! Read here and here about my experience!

Are you going to become a full time blogger next time?

I hope, but I guess that is a fat hope LOL! I mean, if I can, I won't mind of course!!! Maybe I can experience being a full time blogger during my 3 month holidays hehehe..

However, being a full time blogger means I have to be super popular and have a lot of advertorials to earn enough income, but I'm far from that now. Futhermore, the income of a blogger will not be very stable, and that is pretty scary..

All in all, I guess I would prefer a stable monthly income and continue to blog part-time! My parents will definitely want me to get a full time job and not waste my degree away anyway, so yeah.


Okay so that's all for the FAQs! As mentioned, I have a piece of good news for my fellow bloggers!

MFP is looking for a new blogger to join us! Are you ready to be the next MFP blogger? :)

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