Tuesday, 29 April 2014

LOTM X Fynale Glamorous 4T Green

Yoohoo, green lens this month! I think I just worn a pair of blue lens about two months back if I'm not wrong? Opps ya, the Beuberry three tone blue!  Decided to wear brighter colored lens again so that there'll be a nice contrast with my red hair heehee :D

The lenses that I'm wearing are from Lust to Lush, the most reliable contact lens seller online from my experience!


Oh, by the way, this pair is called glamorous 4 tone green from the Fynale Classic series!


Close up.. Four tone lenses usually blends really well with the color of our eyes with such intricate details and streaks of colors!


In da eyes... By the way, I have human eyelash extensions done by Beauty Recipe in this photo!


I was expecting this pair of lens to look like a lighter green like crystal lens, but it did not turn out as expected.. Looks like a greyish in the end, still nice in a natural way though!


Last photo! It still goes well with my hair in the end, although it is not as bright as I wanted it to be!


Pricelist for the next preorder! Go go order some lens to make your eyes pretty yo! :)


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