Friday, 18 April 2014

Plastic E-Surgery

HAHA caught you! Nope, I didn't go for any plastic surgery, but I did visualise my "after" plastic surgery photos online!


If you are intending to undergo any aesthetic procedures, here are 2 very helpful applications that you may want to use.. Okay, I think you will use them, they're so helpful!!

Animation Library

This library consists of super informative videos of different types of procedures - from fillers to Rhinoplasty to boob jobs and more! In the videos, we will be able to learn about how a particular treatment works, see the "inside" of a particular body part, see how the actual procedure is performed in an animation, learn about the results, etc. Don't worry, nothing grosteque, there isn't blood or any real images!

If only there was this application available last year before I did my fillers, I would have saved so much time trying to understand how fillers works! Anyway, the fillers procedure seems really simple after watching the video. Go watch it if you are thinking of getting fillers done, I think this video will put you at ease before your procedure. :)


When I read blogs about rhinoplasty, I would be like: What is a cartilage? Bridge? Dorsal hump? Huh which part is what? I always don't understand which part people are talking about, but this video makes everything so much clearer! We will also get to know which part of our nose exactly is going to be removed or reshaped, where are the incisions for the nose job and so on..


I also watched the video for tummy tuck and I was shocked! I totally didn't know tummy tuck requires such stitching, scary right? Luckily I watched the video, I was still thinking of doing tummy tuck initially.. Mehs.


 Virtual Aesthetics

This app is pretty cool, it allows us to modify our photos to visualise what we really want ourselves to look like while still being us. If you want to go for plastic surgery, it is quite silly to take a photo of an entirely different person and telling your surgeon "I want to look like her". Sometimes, it is impossible, and sometimes, you won't be you anymore. Instead, it will be better if you go to your surgeon with an "improved" photo of yourself, which you can create with this application!

I had some fun beautifying myself too.. I want smaller jaw, v-shaped face, smaller nose with a nicer nose bridge, as well as bigger and longer eyes!


And TADAH! Here's the before and after..


Was bored so I tried to beautify another photo again!


Speaking of all these, I think I need to do more fillers soon, my nose bridge is almost gone again ..

Go have fun with the apps ya? See how you can improve your facial features! :)

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