Sunday, 13 April 2014

Red hair again!

Went to re-dye my hair red again, the exact same color as my previous blog post - REDHEAD. I love the red color so much that I just have to be red again! :)

The color is so red and bright that I feel super shiok whenever I look at my reflection, awesome job done by Jerry from Shunji Matsuo at 313 once again! The red attracted lots of attention and compliments, I'm a happy girl!

This red looks pinkish and purplish under different lightings, all my favourite colors whee~


By the way, note that no bleach was used to acheive this color. Just hair dye alone to achieve this intense shade of red! Many friends thought that I bleached my hair, but no, I didn't. So don't worry about your hair drying out if you want to have bright red hair ya? Just go to Jerry at Shunji Matsuo 313, sit there for an hour or two, and you'll have pretty (or handsome) red hair hehe :D

Same thing, did my favourite Japanese Curement Herbal hair treatment after the dye to pamper my hair. Have been putting my hair through a lot of chemical procedures the past months, dye and perm and dye and dye......! So yea, my hair needs some maintenance session too :)

Okay, I'll stop talking, photos now!


Jerry also tonged my hair after the dye-job! Pretty curls, make me so tempted to get a hair curler~


Looking like a brighter shade of red in brighter lighting! The actual color is actually more of a cool tone and not so orangey, take note!


Yippee I love my hair! ✌ 


MY RED HAIR NICE RIGHT? *FLICKS HAIR*  I think I won't mind having red hair all my life?

Jerry and Shunji Matsuo at 313 have never disappoint me, read about all my previous hairstyles and hair colors here:)

*Flicks my red hair again*

Like my hair? Want to dye it red? Remember to quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services at Shunji Matsuo at 313, and ask for Jerry!

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