Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ten Things To Do Before I Hit 35 Years Old


I guess my list will look kind of plain since I am not a very adventurous person if you don't already know haha.. Only the last one is quite lame hehe.

They always say #YOLO , which is "you only live once". And we're only young once too! So I guess I really need to do some things that I can't do when I'm older.

As you know, I'm 22 now, and so, I have 13 years to achieve everything in this list.. Hope I can achieve everything here hehe! :)

1) Complete my degree

I'm three quarters through already! One more year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

2) Get a stable job

Hopefully a 9-5 job in the office so that I can have work life balance! Not sure what type of positions I'm interested in yet, I've got one more year to decide heh!

3) Get married

And have a nice wedding! I can't decide if I want a mini wedding with only my closest family and friends or the big hotel banquet type.. The mini one sounds cosy and it is definitely cheaper, but BF prefers the bigger kind which I don't mind too..

4) Own a house

And design it my way! Hopefully I won't end up in some ulu neighbourhood which is where all the more affordable BTOs are nowadays..

5) Have a kid

Honestly, I'm not too sure about this, but I guess I will want a kid in the end. And the risks are higher if I give birth at an older age, so I must have a kid before 35!

6) Earn my first million

While thinking of the points for this list, I realised most of the stuffs can only be done if I have money... $$$$$.... And I actually have a lot more things that I want to do and I'll need money to do them!

7) Start a business

Either a cafe with my boyfriend or a beauty parlour myself! Been wanting to do this for a long long long time!

8) Travel

I'm not that adventurous, but I realised when I'm old and weak or sick, it will be really inconvenient to travel. So... travel when I'm still young! And when I don't have a kid yet.. Bringing a kid to travel will be quite a burden :/

9) Send my parents to Australia for a holiday

My parents love to travel! Not only Australia, many many more countries if I can afford to.. Just that I feel that they didn't get to enjoy Australia properly because I was 8 and my sister was 6 when we went there, kiddos are troublesome.

10) Shopping spree

The kind in movies or dramas where some rich person go to the departmental store, point to something and say "wrap this up" and then point to another saying "and this" and then point to another saying "and this".... without even thinking...  Looks damn shiok to do that LOL!

What about you? Share with me what's in your list? :)

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