Friday, 16 May 2014

Fashion Technology

The internet has make everything so much more convenient, from catchup TV to online shopping and much more!

We can now literally buy anything on e-commerce - apparels, deal vouchers, electrical appliances, etc.. Endless designs available online and purchases easily made with a few clicks.. We won't even feel the pinch of removing the cash from our wallet! (Opps)


I guess the most common things we girls buy online would be apparels right? Speaking of which, I've just bought some clothes from Taobao! I like buying apparels from taobao especially, because the items are dirt cheap. I rarely pay more than $10 for an item! Will blog a separate post about how to buy items from taobao, look out for it soon :D

I wonder what the fashion world is coming up with next, check out My Fat Pocket’s fashion articles and news by the way!


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