Thursday, 22 May 2014

K-fashion styles

I love Korean fashion, they always look so chic and stylish!!! :)

I especially love those "casual" looks with tees and shorts, they look so trendy without looking sloppy at all, unlike me.... Maybe because they're tall and skinny?

Casual - plain cropped top with ripped denim shorts


Stripes - I also noticed that stripes seem to be pretty popular in Korean fashion. Striped tees, dresses and even pants!


Black - not saying that koreans only wear black, but black-themed outfits seem to be a pretty common thing!


Accessories - Most of them would either have caps, hair accesories or shades on!



Shoes - Booties or strappy platform sandals!



Here's an interesting article on MFP: How To Look Like A K-Pop Star Off-Duty

Go read! :)


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