Tuesday, 6 May 2014


If you don't know, one of my favourite food is Laksa! I was glad that Laksania is opening at shopping malls and I don't have to travel to Katong or hawker centers to satisfy my cravings for laksa that often anymore. This was my second visit to Laksania with Wee Neng! :)

Laksania actually serves a variety of food, traditional laksa from different cultures, as well as food that is infused with the laksa flavour - such as pasta, rice, burger, snacks and my BF's favourite Laksa Lasagna! Their prices are quite cheap for a restaurant in a shopping mall, and service was good too.

Ice Lemon Tea & Mojito Lime

Ice lemon tea was normal. Mojito lime was kind of gassy and sour, good for those who don't want to finish their drink too quickly. But I won't order this again, far too gassy for me.





Layers of pasta, chicken and taupok smothered in a special Laksa sauce, topped with cheese and grilled. My BF loves this dish!!! Everything was heavenly, apart from the chicken slices which kind of stink. (Bf didn't find it stinky at all though, maybe I'm too sensitive.) We both love the gravy to bits!!! Super creamy with laksa fragrance, yet not spicy at all!

DSC01808 dsc01831_2

Singapore Laksa

Rich broth with the full flavours of dried shrimp, shallots, local spices cooked with coconut milk. Served with thick rice noodles. Pretty decent although Katong laksa definitely tastes better. Laksania made it up with their good location and half an egg (not in Katong Laksa) which I love!

DSC01807 DSC01820

Fries with Laksa Dip

We still had some time before our movie, so yay, time for another dish. We were so glad that the fries came with the gravy/sauce from the lasagna which we adore!!! The serving was quite big for its price (I can't remember exactly but it should be less than $5), and we asked for a refill of our favourite sauce haha! Love this to bits!


Our total bill was less than $30 can you believe it? $30 to make us happy and full, definitely worth it! :)

Happy us with happy tummies hehehe~



201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
Tel: +65 6636 9776

50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Tel: +65 6734 8908

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