Thursday, 22 May 2014

My favourite shopping buddy - 65Daigou!

Yoohoo, I'm going to introduce my favourite shopping buddy today - 65Daigou! This blog post is going to spoil the market for some blogshops, opps... But good things must share right?

I'm sure most of you know about Tao Bao, it is a website based in China that sells practically anything and everything at super low prices. (PSST, if you're lucky, you can find items which blogshops are selling at a quarter of the price over there.) Once you enter that site, you'll be window shopping for hours just like me....

OOTD at less than $25, can you believe it??? The whole outfit - top, skirt, slingbag and heels - costed me less than $25 before international shipping, crazy cheap!! Read on to know where and how you can shop for such cheap and nice items~


I got to know about Tao Bao many years ago actually, but I had zero idea how to use their site, how to ship the items from overseas and I didn't have a credit card to make payment to overseas websites.. Ever since I discovered 65Daigou about a year back, I've been shopping on Tao Bao like mad!


65Daigou can help us with the ordering, payment, liasing as well as shipping process.. They saved me a lot of trouble and confusion while shopping! Basically, I just need to decide on which items that I want to get and make payment for them. 65Daigou will do everything else, easy peasy!

I'm sure 65Daigou will become your favourite shopping buddy in time to come! :)


Here are 5 main reasons why you'll love them!

1. 65Daigou's site is in English.

One of the main reason holding us back from shopping on Taobao is the language barrier right? I know many of the youngsters can't read chinese very well nowadays, and making payment to a website in a language that you're not comfortable with feels so scary! 65Daigou's site is in english, so all payment information as well as order updates are stated clearly in english!


2. They accept almost any type of payment and have many different types of shipping mode.

They accept bank transfer, credit card and paypal. I can't emphasise how important this is, for noobies like me who can only do bank transfer because I don't have a credit card *sniffs* Super angry at times when I see nice stuffs that I wish to purchase, and the site only allows Paypal... So yeah, I guess almost anyone will be able to make a purchase on 65Daigou's site!


They also have different types of shipping mode to suit our budget and how urgently we need the item. Sea shipping is the cheapest of course, and there is express air shipping for those who need their stuffs quick. I usually use Sea shipping to save costs!


3. They check and repack the items for us before shipping to Singapore.

Imagine buying directly from the taobao seller, and you only realised that they sent you a faulty item or a wrong item when it reaches you in Singapore, it will be really troublesome to do an exchange back to China.. Luckily 65Daigou will help us check our items when they receive them at the China warehouse to prevent such problems.. A seller actually sent me a wrong color for my bag, and luckily the 65Daigou team checked my item for me and made an exchange before it was shipped to Singapore


They consolidate all our orders together into a single shipment, repack individual items to reduce size/weight and to protect our items better, saving us some international shipping cost! I noticed that they even bubble wrapped the more fragile items, thumbs up for them!

4. We can see what other people bought via 65Daigou recently.

You'll get a rough idea of what are the trending stuffs... And this saves me so much time! Most people will usually look for the best price of the item before making a purchase (there are many sellers selling the same thing at different prices) and tadah, less research to do for us. #lazygirl92


5. Easy to use

65Daigou's site is pretty easy to use, and if you have no idea how to use it, they have prepared step-by-step video demonstrations, so don't worry about being a lost sheep at their site. They reply enquiries very quickly at ther helpdesk too, if you were to have any problems when ordering.



Yay time to show off more of my taobao loots from 65daigou!

[[Just a mini tip here, give yourself a budget before starting to shop and keep to the budget.. I usually give myself a budget of $5-10 per item.]]

This 7 pieces of apparels costed me $35 only...


I really liked this Chanel perfume box bag, so I exceeded my personal budget and got it for $20+..




I bet you girls are itching to shop on Tao Bao now right? Me too hehehe..

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section if you have any questions on 65Daigou :)



Have fun shopping!!!!! ♥

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