Monday, 19 May 2014

The Tiramisu Hero

Exams are finally over and we went dating, and cafehopped for our lunch! :)

Decided to go to The Tiramisu Hero, because I've seen it on instagram too many times!! Furthermore, we were supposed to collect our passports at ICA that day and TTH happen to be near Lavendar MRT station too. It was a 10 minutes walk from the MRT station.

The cafe is pretty cute on the whole, and they have an ambassador, called Sir Antonio haha!  The whole cafe was not very big but it feels spacious enough, which was a good thing. (I hate feeling squashed up at small cafes.) The sevice was really good, the staffs were all very attentive; they cleared our plates promptly once we are done with our food, and our cups (iced water) were never empty. Food-wise was okayish only, nothing bad, but nothing special.

Spot us in the reflection?


The menu!


Baby exploring the cafe interior..

DSC02078 DSC02055 dsc02060_2

Our food!

DSC02095 DSC02068 dsc02089_2


served with toasted garlic bread

We topped up some money for the set meal (soup + dessert), so I'm not sure if this is the size of the soup on the menu. The soup was really creamy, but in a non-salty way. Bf says this is alright but I think I prefer it to be more salty. The cripsy garlic bread goes well with the soup though! :)



macaroni in a creamy cheddar and mozzarella cheese dip

I had this. It doesn't taste like what I'm expecting it to taste like, but pretty decent I would say. The cheesiness is just right, I didn't feel sick of it and finished the whole bowl myself!


CHEFCHEF CURRY BAKED RICE (with cheese)  $14.5

white jasmine rice baked in fragrant chicken curry

Bf's food! He said that this was normal, nothing much. I tried it and I felt the same way too! Oh, and I think the curry tasted like indian curry? (Not very sure, I think only haha)





signature packaging, serves 1 pax

Tiramisu in a jar! We picked the oreo one and it was pretty good. To be honest, it doesn't taste like tiramisu at all, but it was nice in its own way. Many different textures in a mouthful - cookie bits at the top, creamy center and sponge fingers at the bottom.


The mudpie that came in the set with the soup (I think). This is basically chocolate ice cream on chocolate cookies or something of that sort. Baby ate most of this!


Must take a photo with Sir Antonio when visiting haha! Okay, actually we took a lot of photos with this head, but I'm just posting one here haha~


This is super cute please! Hahaha..


Here's our total bill, a little on the high side I would say. We only ordered a snackers, a main, a mommahero and topped up for a meal, and it is $39.50 in total!


Nevertheless, I had fun cafehopping with baby, and the good service at The Tiramisu Hero made our visit pleasant! :)

The Tiramisu Hero
Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548
Contact Number: 62925271


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