Monday, 30 June 2014

O Medical Clinic - Grand Opening

A few weeks ago (when I had longer hair), I was invited to the grand opening of O Medical Clinic. O Medical Clinic is opened by the ONLY group, this is their 5th outlet in Singapore and the first medical clinic!
The ONLY group is an international company established in 2005, focused on beauty and aesthetics. They have received countless industry awards in Singapore.

Okay, back to O Medical Clinic!

O Medical Clinic is located conveniently in town, at the 5th level of Wheelock place. Spot them with this huge logo on the wall!


Pretty flowers at the opening~


We had a short clinic tour that day and got to know more about O Medical Clinic. Some services that O Medical Clinic offers are fractional lasers for face, face contouring, botox, permanent hair removal, body sculpting and more.. I FEEL LIKE TRYING THEM ALL!

Here are the consultation rooms, treatment rooms as well as the machines used for treatments..





Some products that they carry..


Went home with a goodie bag! :D


I'll be starting on some treatments with O Medical Clinic and ONLY Aesthetics soon, super excited! Some of the treatments that I'll be doing are Carbonado laser, SHR hair removal as well as Venus Legacy..

Stay tuned to my blog for my reviews on the treatments ok? :D

501 ORCHARD ROAD #05-09A

Friday, 27 June 2014

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Do you have tired eyes? I do..

Staring at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens for long hours daily overwork our eyes, making them fatigued and tired.

Currently a hit is Japan and Hong Kong, MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is said to be able to relieve and relax our eyes in just 10 minutes!


MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask comes in 4 variants -  unscented, rose, lavendar and chamomile.


The eye mask will start to warm up once it comes into contact with air, up to 40℃. It is like a steam bath for our eyes, the heat soothes and relaxes our eyes, and only 10 minutes is needed to de-stress and relieves tired eyes. One will feel recharged and refreshed with brighter eyes!


There are 5 pieces of eye mask per box, and the masks are individually packed for single use and for convenient disposal. Masks can be used anywhere and any time!


The mask comes with ear hooks so that it can be worn in any position, but personally I like to lie down while wearing it hehe.


I love rose fragrance, so I tried the rose one first! I guess all the variants will work pretty much the same..

Indeed, the eye mask is heated up once the packaging is opened. Don't worry, 40℃ is just slightly warm and definitely bearable for anyone!

I fell asleep immediately after putting the mask on, and only woke up when my handphone's alarm went off after 10 minutes.

When I woke up, there's some steam on my eye area and my eyes did feel more relaxed! (Plus I napped for 10 minutes haha)


Each box of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask costs $6.50, and masks can be purchased from Watsons and Guardian outlets. You can also request for a free sample here!

They are also having an instagram contest in case you are interested!

MegRhythmSteam Eye Mask Instagram Contest
Stand a chance to win a Relaxation kit worth $50!

  1. Follow@MegRhythmSG MegRhythmSG on instagram instagram

  2. Share with us a photo of yourself using #MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask in the most unique position and tell us what you like about our MegRhythm SteamEye Mask

  3. Tag @MegRhythmSG & hashtag #MegRhythm in your caption

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Beauty By Nature Store Opening (CWP)

Beauty by Nature just opened their 5th store in Singapore, at Woodlands Causeway Point!



Went to the shop for their opening with the crazy girls - Theresa, Katelyn and Jocelyn!


Upon entering the shop, we were given a set of travel sized goodies and...


$100 voucher to be used that day on any item that we like! WOOHOO~


More photos of the shop..

Beauty by Nature actually houses more than 15 different brands like Nuxe, Phyto and more!

10490333_10152951422338986_2071912737_n DSC02844 DSC02848

The staff also did scalp analysis for us, and most of us have clogged pores, opps. The staff also did live demonstration on how to get rid of those clogs with Phyto products!


We went crazy choosing what to spend the $100 on, and I spent them on rose-scented NUXE products!!!  Here are the stuffs that I went home with! :D20140612_194903 20140612_194622

Thank you Beauty by Nature for the invitation!


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sporty Fashion

One of my favourite fashion style is actually the casual sporty look that was trending since last year. If I'm not wrong, this sporty look originated from Korea, from Stylenanda (I think).
The korean sporty look usually consists of at least one of the following - top with jersey-like numbers, oversized baseball top, cap, snapbacks, new balance shoes...
Personally I own a few oversized baseball tops and I love wearing those! Super comfy yet I can look koreanish hehe!


img61874379imagesBEANIE BOY

658822800_133 20140410_stylenanda_SNDWTO0148e
Do you like sporty fashion? :) 

Friday, 20 June 2014

BELLABOX June 2014 - Haul of Fame

Been some time since I blogged about Bellabox, so here's my June's Bellabox!


June's Bellabox is themed Haul of Fame, and I'm sure you can guess that it is an awesome one!


Lots of deluxe sized samples from popular brands, such a Laneige, Benefit, Anna Sui, Belif and more.. Here's everything that was in my bellabox, happy happy me! :D


Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara


Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT


Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15


Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control & Laneige 6-IN-1 BB Cushion


Appelles Rosemary Body Bar


Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream & Belif Peat Miracle Eye Cream & Belif Peat Miracle Serum Concentrate


La Fres Eco Wipe


My June's Bellabox very shiok right??? There is nothing I don't love inside seriously.. I can't wait for my next bellabox already!!!

Why not get a bellabox for yourself? If you sign up quickly enough, you might be able to get this June's BB too!  :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Waterproof Make Up from MUFE

Do you ever have a problem with your makeup melting and smudging due to the hot weather or your oily skin, especially during summer? (Like now?)

This blog post will be about the AQUA range from Make Up For Ever.. Yes, this range of make up is waterproof and they will save you from lots of trouble this summer, I promise! :) #iLoveAQUAsg


A collection that highlights the love for color and conveys the passionate values of the brand – free and easy applications, and limitless ways to play with make-up. Take a dive into addictive beauty with MAKE UP FOR EVER!

DSC03029 - Copy

Here are the items that I'll be sharing about today - eyeliners, mascara, lip liners and lip gloss!

DSC03020 - Copy



The high stability of a waterproof and smudge-proof liner that gets up close and personal with the eyelids. A water-resistant formula contained in an aqueous gel texture that is fresh and easy to apply. There are actually 4 new diamond-shimmer colors, 3 of them are featured here.

DSC02950 - Copy

The eyeliner applicator is a foam tip that allows us to draw distinct lines easily without worrying about splitting hairs on a brush.

DSC02979 - Copy

Swatches! #17 Diamond Grey // #18 Diamond Blue // #19 Diamond Pearly Pink


I'm using #17 Diamond Grey in the photo below. This color is a fresh change from my everyday black eyeliner being shimmery, and it works well alone without the need to apply eyeshadow. As much as the eyeliner is glittery, the glitter doesn't fall off at all, which is pretty commendable. And the best part.. it is entirely waterproof!

dsc03124_2 - Copy


A waterproof mascara that gives a dramatic fanned-out impact, visible from afar with each lash being well-defined. The non-sticky mascara texture glides over your lashes for zero-clump perfection, offering protection, lash extensibility and flexibility.

DSC02997 - Copy

This is a cone shaped brush does wonders at separating lashes, and it is totally clump free. To be honest, I was quite shocked about its size initially, but it was really easy to use, so no worries!

DSC03000 - Copy

See my lashes all separated and coated nicely? Told you it is clump free! This was the first coat, and I had no problems applying a second and third coat to lengthen my lashes.. Also, it is waterproof and smudgeproof.. Awesome formula!

(Sorry for my weird looking eyelids, I was using double eyelid fibre that day opps)



The Holiday 2013 Limited Edition Aqua Rouge was so well-received that MUFE have included it into their permanent range! Aqua Rouge ensures amazing coverage and is super water-resistant. Easy to apply with a professional stroke, it comes with two different applicators for exceptional velvety shine.

DSC02992 - Copy

When applied alone, it has a velvetty matte texture..

DSC02994 - Copy

You can top it off with a coat of clear gloss if you prefer glossy lips!

DSC02996 - Copy

This is shade #3 Light Rosewood - which is a dusty-pink color, suitable for those who prefer nudish colors. Aqua rouge is very pigmented and long lasting, I've never seen any lip products that is SOOOO LASTING before seriously.. When I wiped my mouth with tissue paper, nothing came off at all! I hope there will be more shades for this soon~

DSC02988 - Copy

AQUA LIP ($34)

Aqua Lip never needs touch ups and keeps its promise as a long-wearing formula. Waterproof with a high concentration of pigments, it offers ultimate coverage. It can be used alone for an intense and long-lasting matte aspect. Its supple, precise tip simplifies use - while its anti-oxidant properties protect the lips from everything... even kisses!

DSC02937 - Copy

Swatches! #22C Tender Pink // #23C Apricot Pink // #25C Orange Red


I think I like Aqua Lip the most out of the whole AQUA range. I especially love 23C and 22C, creamy and pastel colors!

Duck face to show off my coral lips hehe! I'm using 23C Apricot Pink in this photo.. I like to apply a layer of this lip liner alone (yes it is pigmented enough) without any lipstick, and top it off with the clear gloss from the Aqua Rouge.

dsc03119_2 - Copy


Last photo of the look I created with quite a few MUFE products!

  • HD Pressed Powder

  • Aqua Liner #17

  • Aqua Smoky Extravagant

  • HD Cream Blush #410

  • Aqua Lip #23C

  • Aqua Rouge Clear

dsc03101_2 - Copy

If you're interested in the AQUA range or other MUFE products, you can get them from :

Make Up For Ever

Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora Ngee Ann City
Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Sephora Great World City
Sephora VivoCity
Sephora Plaza Singapura
Sephora Bugis+
Sephora Suntec
MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy & Pro Loft
( 36 & 38 Armenian Street #01-06 & #02-06 )