Sunday, 1 June 2014

New hair, younger look!

My hair was getting unmanageable, so I headed back to my trusty hair salon, Shunji Matsuo at 313, to get a hair makeover! Quite a big change for me, bangs, shorter hair and a darker color, read on! :)

Here's a sneak peek hehe..


Here's the before photo, say bye bye to my messy long hair..


Told Jerry that I want to have shorter hair as the ends are getting quite dry, due to dyeing my hair monthly.. Decided to get bangs too because I've grew my fringe for a year and it is time for a change.

Jerry also introduced me the new dyes from Shiseido, and we decided on Lavendar ash.


Click to enlarge this photo for the full color chart.. I super love this chart, so colorful!


No, not purple hair, but brown hair with a cool purple tone. Mine is the one on the left, I didn't bleach my hair so it is still brown..



Enjoying hot green tea and watching korean drama as I get my hair done.. This is life!


Oh and I did hair treatment too.. Smooth smooth hair for me! :D


Jerry, the man behind my beautiful hair for the past one year plus..


And TADAH, I'm done after the haircut + dye + treatment!!!


I did cosme cream at the top portion of my hair a few months ago when I permed the ends.. So now as all the curls are gone, my hair is smooth and straight thanks to my favourite cosme cream! I actually blogged a full post about Cosme Cream last year, more details about cosme cream in the that post!


Do I look younger now? Hehe. Quite a number of people says that I look much younger with my new hair, and I'm loving it! I still miss my long and curly hair sometimes, but my current hair is so smooth (thanks to cosme cream) and so easy to manage, no regrets! :)



If you wanna get a nice haircut, hair dye or to do cosme cream (I swear you will love this), look for Jerry at Shunji Matsuo at 313! Quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services! :)

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