Friday, 18 July 2014

Happy happy nails!

I've been getting my nails done with Happynailz recently, love them so much!

I feel happy whenever I look at my pretty nails, do you feel that way about manicures too?

Happynailz is owned by two ladies - Michelle and Zen. Located at Yishun, they are about a ten minutes walk from the MRT station, which is pretty convenient I must say! Their shop is in the same unit as a hair salon by the way..

Here's the interior of the shop!


Some pretty nail art samples and their name cards!


They have a wide range of polishes in many different colors - normal to gel to mood color changing gel polish and more...


They really have a lot of colors, I had a hard time picking the color for my pedicure haha!


You can get manicure and pedicure done at the same time over at Happynailz!


The super comfy chair that makes me feel like sleeping... opps!


My first set of nails is actually one of the sample nail art set that was on display in their shop! It was more to the colorful and cute side, kind of easter-ish! A combination of paddlepop, knitted and stripes design with 3D acryllic ribbon, how can I not love it seriously? Really too cute!! ♥


And during my second visit before my Korea trip, I did manicure and pedicure!

My second set of nails is not as cutesy as the first set, but it is super nice too! Michelle recommended me to try their Mood Color Changing Gel polish and I picked the red glitter shade.. Added some nail art to go with my manicure and I have 3D ribbons plus jelly bling hearts which I super love!


More ribbons on my thumbs :D


The color of the mood color changing gel polish actually changes when exposed to different temperature, super cool right? Here's my thumb in different temperature from warm to cold (left to right), the color actually changes from bright red to dark red! When the temperature is changing (coming out of an aircon room), there will be a gradient color like in the middle photo..


Did I mention I did pedicure too? It was super shiok, haven't done pedicure for a long time! Soaked my feet in a warm bath of rose scented water, and got a scrub and slight massage with rose scented products too.. I love rose fragrance, so glad that Happynailz uses rose scented products!

I did a pretty metallic blue color! Sorry, my feet is not very nice but I need you show you the pretty blue color.. The color actually looks greenish at times..



When in Korea, lazing in the hotel bed haha!


I can't wait for my next manicure and pedicure session already! :)


Happy Nailz
Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760932

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