Saturday, 5 July 2014

My New Phone - Samsung Galaxy S5!

Did I mention that I got a new phone?

My new phone is a white Samsung Galaxy S5 which daddy bought for me at June's IT fair! It has been a month and I really like my new phone.. My previous phone is Samsung S3..

S5 is pretty similar to S3 on the whole, but of course there are new functions which I like. I can now press the "volume down" button to take selfies, there is now a 1:1 ratio option for photos which is good for instagram, super lasting battery, fingerprint lock, etc!

The only bad thing was that I signed a new contract for my new phone, so I'm left with 3GB of free data instead of 12GB, which is a lot of difference for a blogger + drama addict like me. Sighs.

Since my phone was bought during IT fair, it came with lots of freebies! Practical freebies, I mean. Stuffs like memory card, wireless charging kit, extra battery, charger for the extra battery... All these are worth a few hundred dollars, really lucky to get them for free hehe.. So next time please buy your new phones at IT fair haha!!




Back - I didnt want to get S5 initially because of the holey design at the back, but in the end it is quite okay, especially when I can put on handphone casings!


My extra battery and charging kit. I swear this is one of the best things that happened to me and my phone!! But anyway, S5's battery is very lasting, much better than my S3.. I'm a heavy user and the battery can last for a full day.. I'm sure the battery can last for 2 days for light users..


New charger! Luckily I still can share chargers with my parents who are using s4!


Extra accessories for my phone!

The tempered glass screen protector is really good, my screen is glossy (in a super clear way) and yet doesn't have much fingerprints, please go get a tempered glass screen protector too.. I got the screen protector and the red casing at the IT fair on the same day which I got my phone. Screen protector and silicon casing are necessities for our phones!


I've also been looking around for nice phone casings online, let me know if you have any links for nice hp casings to share ya?

And... The owner of Ztylemobile kindly offered to customise a handphone casing for me, lucky me! I picked all these cabochons below, and here's my gingerbread family! :) Super love it! Even my name is on it, yay!

You can customise your own designs, and she also has ready-made kitty and pony themes FYI.. You can check out their instagram for more designs.. My readers get 5% off when you quote me (yingjie), valid for 2 weeks only! :)


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