Saturday, 26 July 2014

Officially blonde!

If you're my friend or if you've been following my blog posts about my hair, you will know that I was a chicken one year ago and before.. I was so scared that bad things will happen to my hair if I'm too adventurous!

Initially, I only dared to do ombre colors because I know that I can snip the ombre parts off if anything (bad) were to happen to my hair.. Luckily nothing went wrong, Shunji Matsuo at 313 took good care of my hair and I became more daring. I did cosme cream, dyeing (full head) brown, highlighting, perming and I even dyed all my hair bright red! Ahh I miss my redhead so much!

Guess what? I was in a YOLO mode and I decided to bleach my hair! Yes, from the roots, so you can say I'm kind of blonde now! How do I look??


Last picture of my hair before bleaching!


Bleaching was split into 2 steps, first time away from the roots and second time the roots plus the more orangey strands that needs more touch-up.. This way, my scalp is pretty safe!

Here's the bleach they used on me... Jerry said that it will stop "working" after a period of time, so it won't over bleach or harm my hair excessively..



With the bleach on my hair, away from the roots..


Mostly blonde... Just one more step!


And all bleached!


*sings* For the first time in forever..... I am officially blonde!


Closer look at my bleached hair color! Of course, this is not the end...


As you can see, my hair is kind of yellowish/orangey after bleaching, a toner has to be used to tone down the yellow/orange tone.. So this is not the final hair color yet!


I also asked for a strip of pink, hence that piece of aluminium foil on my head! Since I got my hair bleached, of course I need to do some pretty color right? Hehe..


With the toner on my hair.. It is kind of like dyeing my hair basically..


Did a hair treatment after everything.. Need to take better care of my hair now that I bleached it!


And here's the final result... A dark ash brown color! I really like the "ash" part.. I'm always saying this, but my hair looks different under different lighting - sometimes greenish, sometimes silverish...

I asked Jerry, "I bleached my hair, why such a dark color?" He told me that he used a stronger toner to remove all the orangey tones, and the darkness will fade in a week or so to a blondish color.. And yeah, my hair did turn lighter in a few days! :)


Pretty ash brown hair ♥


From another angle~ Nice???


I won't kid you, bleaching your hair will definitely make it drier than before..

Like what Jerry told me, my hair will be quite dry the first few days, and then it will recover and become not so dry.. It is really true! My sister was like, "eh, really not so dry now!" when she touched my hair after a week..


So, on the whole, it was so much better than what I've expected!!!!

If you're intending to bleach your hair, you really should get your hair bleached by a professional so that you will not risk damaging your hair! Luckily I'm in safe hands, phew...


I went back to the salon 2 weeks after my dye-job for a new hair treatment that is super duper pampering!! I feel that this is even better than my old favourite hair treatment? Will blog about the details in another blog post.. Meanwhile if you can't wait, ask for Shiseido Ultimate 5-Step Reconstruction Therapy when you visit the salon!

And... Here's how my hair look after the toner has faded!!! Luckily I went back for hair treatment and Jerry tonged my hair after that, so I'll have a photo with nicely styled hair in the final blonde color to show you people hehe..


A few more random photos taken with my phone's front camera, so pardon the photo quality!


Wa I love my hair color in this photo ♥ Perfect lighting..


It has been about a month since I bleached my hair? Can't wait to go back to the salon soon and see what we can do next... Currently, I feel like going lighter or going pink! I can't decide hahaha~

Stay tuned to my next hair color ok? *winks*

Remember to get your hair bleached by a professional so that you won't risk damaging your hair, I strongly recommend Jerry! You can quote “yingjie” to get 10% off chemical services at Shunji Matsuo at 313 :)

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