Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sakae Sushi New Fusion Menu

Was invited for a food tasting session at Sakae Sushi to try out their new fusion menu!

Sakae Sushi has more than 120 new additions to their menu, inspired by flavours all over the world.. Their new menu consists of items such as foie gras sushi, otah dishes and more!

sakaecollageI had the opportunity to try out many dishes at the food tasting session, and here are some of the food that I've tried that night!

  1. Sakae Zensai

  2. Trio Carpaccio

  3. Asari Sakamushi

  4. Special Otah Maki

  5. Mixed Fry Katsu

  6. Fruity Tutti Maki'

  7. Gobo no Kari Age

  8. Sakae Mentai Combo

  9. Aburi Foie Gras Sushi


Drinks that we had!

  1. Kyoto Geisha

  2. Honey Sakura Tea

  3. Honey Aloe Vera Tea

The food tasting session ended off with a Sakae Fondue consisting of ice cream chunks, fruits and an assortment of cookies and snacks into luscious and silky dark chocolate.


Brought BF along for the food tasting session.. Here's us with the Kyoto Geisha drink which I love, we had 2 glasses of this that day hehe.. Kyoto Geisha is a combination of watermelon flavoured milk and juicy strawberry pulps, super yummy!

(Sorry for the grainy photo, took this with my phone's front camera)



Some of my favourites from the food tasting that day! :)

Chawanmushi - Chawanmushi can never go wrong most of the time! Sakae's chawanmushi have been one of my favourites since secondary school days. I remember going for Sakae Sushi's buffet with my friends and spamming lots of chawanmushi haha!


Long Bean Otah - This is one of their new dishes under Otah Creations. I love tempura, I guess that's why this dish appeals to me more than the other otah dishes! Tempura batter was pretty good, and I think they took the effort to make the otah not too spicy. However, I'd prefer the long bean to be softer and juicier (maybe because I like veggies cooked in chinese style)..


Salmon Gindara - A unique combination of grilled cod fish over salmon, perfect! Both fish tasted good together, and luckily the salmon didn't taste too "fishy". Craving for this dish all over again as I type this blog post...


Char-grilled king prawn - This is actually one of the skewers from their Yakimono Deluxe platter (in the picture below). The prawn is my favourite out of all the food at this food tasting session! The king prawn is char-grilled, served with cod roe and mayonnaise sauce, super yummy hmmm. I don't think I need to describe more, you can imagine how nice it will taste like! Will definitely order this if I'm at Sakae Sushi again.. :)



The new menu is now available at all Sakae Sushi outlets island wide. For delivery, log on to Sakae Delivery at For a full listing of Sake Sushi outlets, please visit: .

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