Saturday, 30 August 2014

Going Blonde Part 2

WHEEE I have gold / light blonde hair now!!! :D

If you don't know, I did something drastic to my hair a few weeks ago - to bleach it (for the first time)! I ended up with a milk tea shade of ash blonde then.. Here is it if you haven't read..

And this time round, I decided to go even lighter... Yes, another round of bleaching and my hair is light gold now! *inserts emoticon with heart shape eyes*


I'm loving it!! Zero regrets for trying this color... Bleached hair is not as dry as I have expected it to be, I use conditioner on my hair like every once a week only? Also, my skin look so much fairer and pinkish with light blonde hair, selfies are so much nicer than before (I feel).. And now my friends can spot me easily haha!

The process is pretty similar to my previous visit..

  1. Bleach

  2. Toner to remove the yellowish / orangey tones

  3. Hair treatment

The man behind my pretty hair - Jerry.. Look for him if you wanna do your hair ok? (This is a before photo by the way)


After bleaching and before toning... See the yellow tone?


TADAH! My new hair.... Nice or not???


Here's the back... I think it is super nice omg!!


At 313 after doing my hair..


With the BF :)


Glad that I decided to YOLO and try going blonde!!! :D


Super happy with my light blonde hair! A lighter hair color feels really refreshing, I have no idea why... But I'm happier looking into the mirror nowadays haha.. You should have a change of hair color too! :)

You can see more photos of my light blonde hair in another blog post here and on my instagram (follow me if your haven't!)

Thank you Jerry for doing such a good job with my hair! Do look for him if you wanna change your hairstyle or hair color..

Anyway, my dear hair sponsor Shunji Matsuo at 313 is 3 years old now! To celebrate their 3rd year anniversary, they're having a discount of 15% off chemical services, so go do your hair before this promotion is over~ (If you're only reading this when the promotion period is over, you can quote "yingjie" to enjoy 10% off still..)


Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset
Tel:   6238 0226
FB Page:

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Benefits of Yoga

I've been attending yoga lessons with my BF the past week hehe!


Here are some of the benefits of yoga...


Celebrities do it too.. Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, Miranda Kerr, Nicole Scherzinger, Katy Perry and more!

Find out more about #yoga on My Fat Pocket..

Monday, 25 August 2014

Nails Update!

As I have mentioned previously, I have been doing my nails with Happy Nailz located in Yishun! So here's another update on my recent manicures :)

If you haven't seen my previous sets of nails, see them here..

Last month's set..

I asked for pastels and light fluffy flowers, and this is what they did for me! Super sweet right???


Here's the thumb, same design as the fourth finger..


Full view..


And here's a new set which I just did..

I wanted to go simple, so I actually did one color only.. I can't believe a one color manicure can turn out so classy and nice!


A little like french manicure, but a whole lot nicer right??? :)


Here's the full set!!! This set is really classy, I super like!!!



I also did pedicure last month!!


Pink toes for me this time round~~


Some of the colors that they carry.. There are more colors which I did not include in my photo, you'll be spoilt for choice over there!


Some of the pretty nail art samples hehe~


And here's some good news for you all: quote "yingjie" to enjoy 20% off gel services at Happynailz!!

They are really generous, 20% is a huge discount!! So go go go, book an appointment to pamper your nails now.. You can contact them at 97551707 or 82828249!

They are just 10 minutes away from Yishun MRT station, if you have problems getting there, just give them a call for directions..



Happy Nailz
Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760932

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Aesthetics Hub

Hello everyone... If you're thinking of going for any aesthetics procedure or plastic surgery, you might wanna visit aesthetics hub! (I blogged about Plastic E-Surgery earlier on this year, you might wanna take a look..)

They have this virtual aesthetics app where you can visualise how you might look like after your procedure.. See, I made face, nose and mouth smaller as well as eyes bigger.. You can go try it on your own photo too!


Also, you can watch animations of aesthetic procedures in their animation library.. You will be able to learn about how a particular treatment works, see the “inside” of a particular body part, see how the actual procedure is performed in an animation, learn about the results, etc.


Aesthetics Hub also has a list of MOH approved board of aesthetics doctors for your reference :)


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bellabox - Summer Fresh

Bellabox is themed "Summer Fresh" this August 2014!


Here are the items that I got in my Bellabox:

  • Petal Fresh Organics Aloe & Citrus Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner: A revitalising and hydrating duo that moisturises and soothes with organic aloe vera, then gently cleanses and rejuvenates with organic citrus. Smell really fruitty and nice!! :D

  • Sleek Kajal Eyeliner in Nocturnal: This is a crayon eyeliner in an interesting shape, but I find it not pigmented enough for my liking. Also, I tested it on my hand and it isn't smudgeproof :(

  • Finale Whitening Cream: A natural whitening cream that works to significantly brighten areas such as underarms and inner thighs. I gave this to someone who needed this! :P

  • UV Aqua White Starter Kit: This consists of a Purifying Toner, Daily Defense Serum and CC Cream. Boasting a potent W.H.I.T.E complex to provide 5 benefits - whiten, hydrate, illuminate, tighten and to increase skin elasticity.

  • Alexiares & Ani The Deity – SPF 30 Mattifying Sunscreen: Aha this is a full sized product, me likey! I'm into whitening and sunblocks recently, so I'm happy to get a full sized sunblock! This is an SPF30 broad spectrum sunscreen that shields our skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Laneige Water Bank Essence EX: This is Laneige's bestselling ultra-hydrating essence that is supposed to give intensive hydration as well as smoother and suppler skin. Excited to get my hand on this sample!

  • Tealy Premium Tea: Very carefully crafted of each premium tea blended with brilliant of mix ingredients for great sensory experience.

  • Kneipp Body Care: An uplifting body lotion & body wash duo does benefits of soothes & rejuvenates with its natural aromatherapeutic & nourishing ingredients to keeps your body moisture. Tried the body wash and it was pretty rich!


If you're fast, you may be able to get August's Bellabox still! Otherwise, do place your order for September's Bellabox early! :D

Friday, 22 August 2014

Fame & Fortune Couple Tee ♥

Was supposed to do an instagram ad for Smexy Clothing for their couple tee, but I'm loving the shots that we took so I decided to share them in my blog too..

And just a little about them.. Smexy means smart and sexy! Smexy Clothing designs and manufactures their tees, which also means good quality apparels.. They sell guys stuffs mainly, but they do have a couple of crop top or girls too.. If you're looking for a gift for your boyfriend or couple tees, you may want to take a look at their shop? They have different sizes for their tops! :)

So we got the Fame & Fortune matching tops, I really like the gold design on the black shirt, it look better in real life than in photos, I promise!

dsc05959_6cropsmall dsc06002_9pantsnoline_cropsmall dsc06012_5cropsmall dsc05944_2smallcrop

Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Top 5 Favourite Local Food

Singapore has lots of good food right?

I'm sharing my my top 5 favourites today!! :)

Ahh feeling hungry as I type this post and google for the images....

OMG my stomach is really growling now, it is 2.58am and there's school tomorrow. I need to sleep right after I finish this post, no time to eat supper....... :(

Anyway, back to the topic... I'll also list down where I feel is the best place for these food, you may want to check these places out! It is kind of sad that some of these places are not very convenient.... But I promise you these places are worth the inconvenience (to me)!



I love love love laksa!!! This is my number 1 local food! I think I can eat this everyday.... My favourite would be 328 Katong Laksa!

328 Katong Laksa
51/53 East Coast Road, Singapore 428770

BBQ Sambal Stingray


This is another spicy dish that I can't resist (although I can't take spicy stuffs).. My family and BF love this too, our favourite is at Taman Jurong Hawker Center!

BBQ Seafood
#03-178 Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Yung Sheng Road

Ba Kut Teh


To be honest, I don't really like to chew on the meat/bone, but I love the soup as well as the side dishes such as braised meat, beancurd skin, peanuts and you tiao ( fried dough fritters) hehe.. Best and convenient place for BKT would be Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay, just opposite The Central!

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh
11 New Bridge Rd, #01-01, 059383

Chilli Crab (and Salted Egg Crab)


I remember having a crab feast with the BF at G7 Sinma Live Seafood some time ago, and our bill was like $90 for a huge crab plus plain rice and drinks.. Super expensive but super nice too!! Their crab meat is really fresh and sweet~~~ Anyway, this place is actually a 10-15 minutes walk from Kallang MRT Station, if you wanna take the train here!

G7 Sinma Live Seafood
163 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389240



If I'm eating rojak alone, I will ask for you tiao (dough fritters) only, me no like those veggies! Love the sweet sauce topped with peanut bits.. There are 2 places which I feel are good, both super long queue - at Old Airport Road hawker center and Toa Payoh food court (at the basement, near Mcdonald's). Their shop names are quite confusing, because the one at Old Airport Road is called "Toa Payoh Rojak" and the one at Toa Payoh is not "Toa Payoh Rojak" LOL. Both are nice anyway~

Toa Payoh Rojak
Old Airport Road Food Centre, #01-108, 51 Old Airport Road
Soon Heng Rojak
Gourmet Paradise Food Court, 480 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #B1-23, HDB Hub Toa Payoh
What's your favourite local food?

More #food articles by MFP here....

Friday, 15 August 2014

Bad Experience at Vain Beauty for Eyelash Extensions

This is not an ad or a sponsored post, I paid for my eyelash extensions myself. Just wanna share about my experience with the shop since there are almost no (recent) reviews online. Also, all photos are taken with my phone's front camera so they are kind of blur, didn't bring my camera along since I didn't intend to review it initially, but they are so bad that I have to share about them.

I've been a fan yet not a fan of eyelash extensions. I mean, don't you just have a love hate relationship with them? They can make us look much prettier without make up, but they are so troublesome to take care of and quite expensive (since it doesn't last long on me)! Over the years, I'll do my lashes once in a while when I'm in the mood. Sometimes I pay for myself, sometimes sponsored, sometimes I buy groupon..


So I was really in the mood to do my lashes a month back, and I started researching on which shop I should go to. There are not enough proper reviews for eyelash extensions online, and forums are pretty dead too. Tough job man! If only I have an eyelash extensions sponsor haha! (just joking) Lots of shop have very little or mixed reviews.. And some shops are charging very high prices, yes over a hundred!

I actually decided on a new shop in the city, they charge $100+ usually and but they have a promo for first-timers at $68. Too bad for me, they're fully booked until 2 weeks later and I don't want to wait that long. I don't know if they are fully booked because they are really good or because they sold groupon vouchers earlier on this year?

So back to doing research again, I decided on Vain Beauty because of @yankaykay's constant recommendation on instagram, her lashes look pretty nice! Plus she has a discount code for her readers, $42 is considered pretty cheap for eyelash extensions nowadays haha.

So here's my summary if you can't be bothered to read my full story..
You pay for what you get, get your eyelash extensions done at Vain Beauty at your own risk. Mehs.

So, I gave them a call in the afternoon to clarify about the price (and kay kay's promo), type of extensions, how long they will take to finish doing the set (because ykk said that they are very fast) and asked if they have any slots available in the next few hours. They say yes, and I can come down at any time I want. I told them I'll be there at 5.30pm, they didn't ask for my name or contact number.

Here's the shop..


I was late for 15 minutes, nobody called to check if I'm coming. When I reached the store, it was empty and they asked me what I want to do, I said that I called earlier and I want to do eyelash extensions. The china staff lazily ordered the indian lady in the shop to bring me to the bed. I guess it is pretty obvious that they didn't even note down my appointment???!!

The indian lazy brought me to the bed and asked me to lie down. LOOK AT THE BED. So dirty please! And unlike at other beauty saloons, they don't cover you with the blanket, you have to do it yourself. Fine, the blanket issue is nothing much.. But the bed is so gross!!!! Ykk promoting a shop with such disgusting beds?


I laid down and the indian lady started pasting the tapes below my eyes, this part is pretty uncomfortable but it is like that at other shops too (in my experience). She asked me what type of lashes I want to do, I said similar to ykk's, lash by lash and I want them to look natural. She told me she'll be doing 10mm for me, as it is quite a natural length. I think she put the 10mm lashes on my bed. My eyes were closed already so I can't see anything.

Suddenly, the person who's going to do my lashes became a china lady, she asked me what I wanted to do again and I think the indian lady told her what I want to do. And she got started.. I was pretty annoyed by the change because I didn't see the face of the person who was doing my lashes. I mean, don't you feel insecure if you don't even know who is doing your lashes?

Anyway, she started putting one or two lashes on my left eye and a customer walked in.. The customer sounded like a foreigner, I'm not sure if she's an indonesian or flippino.. And here's her conversation with the china woman who just started on my extensions..

Customer: I want tighten my eyelash..
China woman: You want to touch up? Or do new one?
Customer: I did this at other place..
China woman: Let me see.. *pauses a while* Where you do? How much you do? $200? $300? 
Customer: About there I can't remember.. 
China woman: So you want to do new set?
Customer: Yes..
China woman: Okay, $150 can? 
Customer: $100 can? 
China woman: $120?
Customer: Okay..
Okay. You wait ah. *go get colleague to do extensions for this customer*
Firstly, she started on my extensions already and she went to discuss other stuffs with a walk-in customer? I remember there were quite a few staffs when I entered the shop, why don't they serve the customer instead since this china woman is supposed to be doing my lashes. So unfocused and unprofessional seriously! Can you imagine lying down there with your eyes closed and the staff who's supposed to serve you start negotiating a price with another random stranger who walked into the shop right beside you? WTF.

Secondly, did that china woman rip-off that foreigner?! I wasn't sure if they were talking about eyelash extensions or other beauty services that cost hundreds initially. But this foreigner lady laid down on the bed beside mine, and I opened my eyes a little to peek a while later (when that china woman went away to do other stuffs again) to see the foreigner getting her lashes done too. From the conversation that I heard, this china woman was totally trying her luck to see how much the foreigner paid for her previous eyelash extensions, and then charging her a "lower" price than that price. I clearly know that Vain Beauty only has $30, $50 and $60 eyelash extensions because I read people's review online and also called to ask about the different types of extensions and their prices. So $150? $120? Flexible pricing? Hah.


Anyway, back to doing my lashes again. I tried talking to her to find out her name and experience in doing eyelash extensions. I think she's called Wei Wei, I can't remember but definitely she's a china lady with WW for her initials and both the Ws are the same word. She said she has been with Vain Beauty for a few years. Well, that was the only way I can feel more comforted at that point of time... At least she has a few years a experience, I told myself.

Midway, some more walk-in customers came and she paused to ask them what they want to do and to wait. Maybe 2 or 3 more I guess.. (This is considered small case already, haiz.)

Then, someone called. I think she handles the shop's mobile or something? She answered the phone, and from her reply, the person on the line seem to be asking for another staff who's at the other VB's shop in FEP. WW tried to answer the person's questions for quite a while and in the end, she left to pass the phone to another staff from the other shop. WTF seriously. This took quite a bit of time? 5-10 minutes I guess? Did I seriously pay to lie down there and wait for her to entertain all the other customers?

I know of shops such as Lolita New York at Marina Square which does Novalash extensions, where their staffs pay 100% attention to the customer and calls are all transferred to voicemail so that there is minimum distraction. What about Vain Beauty? Answering the phone and talking for minutes, then leaving the customer to go to the other shop? Seriously.

After this she kind of got the job done pretty fast, expecially on my second eye. But when I check my lashes after getting home, the second eye was done more badly then the first eye. I mentioned that I did single strand lash by lash extensions, so each one extension should be attached to one of my eyelash only. I noticed that the glue kind clumped and many lashes/extensions are stuck together near my skin, this is not lash by lash anymore please, most of them are stuck together like a falsie. 

Also, I had to hold the mini fan there to blow the glue on my lashes and wait for them to dry. I think I laid there for super long and nobody told me I am done already. ZZZZZZZZ. I don't know how long because my eyes were closed but I know it was too long for sure, since I did lash extensions quite a few times before.


Finally done after an hour, after all that waiting.. Before the tape is removed.. To be honest the extensions looked nice when my eyes are closed.


And I was really glad they didn't glue my eyes shut, and that their glue don't stink or sting my eyes.

With my eyes opened after I left the shop. I'm sorry the photos are so blur because they're taken with my phone's front camera.. I was just selfie-ing and didn't think that I would be using these photos on my blog..


Trying my hardest to open my eyes here.. At least I look like I have eyeliner on?


Just see the droopiness..


Not curly enough.. You can see that it droops downwards before curling up again..


Also, can you see the bits of glue clumps sticking my lashes together? This is a lot worse in real life I swear...... Not lash by lash anymore thanks to her horrible skills.. Totally defeats the purpose of getting single lash by lash extensions right? Since they are all clumped together...


Last photo..


Oh, and all my extensions were gone after one week?! Isn't that too freaking fast? All my past extensions lasted me for 2 weeks at least, and I feel that 2 weeks is pretty short too. One week?!

One strand dropped on the first night, and more dropped in the following days. And guess what, they dropped in bunches because that china woman clumped the glue together. Horrible skills... To be honest, I plucked some off myself.. But that was because those lashes were half-dropping already, many of them to be exact. I didn't want these loose lashes to poke into my eye and cause me infection or what-not, I'm sure anyone in the right mind will try to pluck them off since they pose a risk to our eyes and are not visually pleasing, dangling loosely in random directions.

And I don't know why but the glue is "pluckable". I was able to pluck the extensions out without plucking my own lashes, doesn't this mean that the glue is too lousy? When I tried to pluck out the extensions that I did at other shops in the past, I can't get the extensions out without plucking my own eyelash. I don't know what kind of glue Vain Beauty uses, but it is definitely horrible. ZZZZZZZZ.

By the way, my friend also went for eyelash extensions at Vain Beauty after I did my set. Her experience was not as bad as mine, but her extensions didn't last well too. She does eyelash extensions frequently, and she told me that VB's dropped a lot faster than the set that she did at CP previously.

So here's the overall summary:

Look/effect: Okay if you're not picky. Saggy, not curly enough, only look like you have eyeliner on from the front.
Quality of extensions: Ok. Not super soft but at least they are pretty lightweight.
Lasting: No. All the extensions were gone after ONE week.
Skill: Inconsistent, but bad overall.
Service: Bad. Staff is not focused and I witness her rip-off a foreigner. How unethical.
Ambience: Bad. Small, cramped, noisy and dirty.
Location: Pretty convenient in town at far east plaza.
Price: Cheap. I think no where else charges less than $42 for single strand lash by lash extensions, but you pay for what you get.

Will I go back again?

No. Unless I need it urgently, and only need to look good for a day or two only. But then... I guess pasting a pair of falsies is cheaper and faster in this case?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Alive Museum Singapore

Where to go on a Friday night????

We went to Alive Museum that's newly opened at Suntec City, yippeee!


Alive Museum is Korea’s original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum, and they are now in Singapore! Over here, artwork exhibits are brought ALIVE with 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create visual illusions..
And the best part of it is that we can become part of the artworks, just by the trick of the camera angle!! Sitting on the king's throne, kissing spiderman, riding on a paper boat, dangling on a rope over a crocodile, etc... All these can only happen at Alive Museum!

Also, Singapore's Alive Museum currently have 9 masterpieces that are themed locally! So you can actually see the Merlion, Gardens by the Bay, etc inside.. Only in Singapore!

I'm sure all of you will love it, Alive Museum is suitable for families, couples, friends and just anyone! Remember to bring along a camera or charge your phone fully before heading here ya? You will want to take lots and lots of photo here, just like me haha! We took more than 200 photos over there that night..


The four of us actually went to Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa a few weeks ago, so this is like a Round 2 for us! Fun!!


We took sooo many photos that night, and I had a hard time choosing the photos for this post! This post is quite picture heavy, be prepared for the photo spam ahead!! I'm sure you'll feel like heading there yourself after seeing our photos hehehe :D

I can be queen!


The most unglam dancer~


Getting peed on :O


They always bully my boyfriend!!!


Wolverine is it?


I posted this on instagram for National Day! Washing my hair at our national icon hehe..


I don't really know what this artwork means, just take photo with it lol!




There was a mirror room, we don't really know what to do so.... Wefie?


My hair color looks like mermaid hair right??? I feel that this station is the coolest, but the wind kept blowing my hair into my face and there were a lot of unglam shots taken here..


Spiderman want to kiss my BF, but my BF dug his nose hahaha!


What is he looking at?!?!?!


Going up the secret passage..


Two headed me..


My superman boyfriend that can fly hehe..


I got kicked, my pose really very good here right?



Looking afar..



Drowning in a whirlpool? (Opps I think my photo-taking skills quite bad for this photo)


Some glass and mirror thingy on the floor..


And a ladybug version..


Superman grabbed my BF's top ahhh!


Plucking the teeth out of the old man's mouth..


Angellic or not?


Hehe I don't know why but he reminds me of a koala bear!




He looks quite comfy here haha..


See, they bully my BF again!


Ninja me! This one also quite nice!




Why so happy?


This one very real also :O




The must-have room that makes people look very big and very small! See my teeny weeny bf?


This is supposed to be a sketching station, but I just sat there and posed for a photo..


He looks super cute here!! The elephant is gonna attack his butt!


On the house that is gonna float away~~


Paper boat, cute also!!!


The alien is watching them....


Riding on a birdie~


This one... I'm not sure what it means.. The elephant I drew became 3D?


Pouring the penguins out of the frame :O


This one very cool also!! Dangling on a rope at the crocodile's mouth!


And... LOL act pro!!!


And that's all for the inside! We took some photos outside too... This is a photo of us at the exit!


Mega cuteness!!!!


I wanna drink that melon milk~~~


We took about 2 hours to explore the museum and we had lots of fun that night! Bring your friends or family here for some photo bonding session, you'll love it!

There is an on-going promotion with Burger King Suntec City (right beside Alive Museum) - Like "Alive Museum" on Facebook and get a free meal at Burger King Suntec with purchase of a full-priced ticket! Easy peasy right??? Must remember to claim your free meal okay!
Tickets Prices:
Adult - $25
Children (aged 3-12) - $20

Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Nearest MRT Station: Promenade
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm Daily
(Last admission at 9pm)