Monday, 25 August 2014

Nails Update!

As I have mentioned previously, I have been doing my nails with Happy Nailz located in Yishun! So here's another update on my recent manicures :)

If you haven't seen my previous sets of nails, see them here..

Last month's set..

I asked for pastels and light fluffy flowers, and this is what they did for me! Super sweet right???


Here's the thumb, same design as the fourth finger..


Full view..


And here's a new set which I just did..

I wanted to go simple, so I actually did one color only.. I can't believe a one color manicure can turn out so classy and nice!


A little like french manicure, but a whole lot nicer right??? :)


Here's the full set!!! This set is really classy, I super like!!!



I also did pedicure last month!!


Pink toes for me this time round~~


Some of the colors that they carry.. There are more colors which I did not include in my photo, you'll be spoilt for choice over there!


Some of the pretty nail art samples hehe~


And here's some good news for you all: quote "yingjie" to enjoy 20% off gel services at Happynailz!!

They are really generous, 20% is a huge discount!! So go go go, book an appointment to pamper your nails now.. You can contact them at 97551707 or 82828249!

They are just 10 minutes away from Yishun MRT station, if you have problems getting there, just give them a call for directions..



Happy Nailz
Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760932

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