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The Lowdown on Different Hair Removal Methods

I'm a hairy person, which is both good and bad at the same time. I have lots of hair on my head and my eye brows are pretty thick, but same goes for those unwanted hair on other parts of my body. I have quite a bit of hair on my legs as compared to other girls, and I have a moustache. Roar! :(

I've been experimenting with different types of hair removal methods since puberty, and I finally found a method that works best, will share more about it at the end of the post! (It is not expensive at all and my readers are entitled to a promotional price!) I've tried all the methods stated below, and everything is from my honest personal experience.

Let's just look at underarm hair removal for this post, since it'll be pretty complicated to estimate the overall time and cost for more body parts. Also, let us assume that we will be removing our unwanted hair for 50 years..



This is definitely one of the most common hair removal methods. We all started with shaving right? I admit this is the quickest hair removal method, less than a minute for both underarms, and can be done almost anywhere. Shavers are pretty cheap too, a packet of 6 only cost $2 from Watsons. But what comes with shaving are razor burns (I still have the scars on my leg), spiky hair regrowth and even ingrown hair, which I absolutely hate.

And no, it is not that cheap to shave after all, since hair regrowth is very fast, in a matter of two to three days. Assuming that we shave twice a week, and each time we use a new disposable shaver, it will be $32 a year and $1600 if we shave for 50 years.

Depilatory Cream


This is a method that I won't recommend at all, out of all the methods listed in this post. If you don't know how it works, the hair removal cream actually breaks down the protein structure of your hair after about 10 minutes, so that your hair will be easily removed (from the skin's surface only) as you scrap the cream off with the plastic spatula. A cream that can break down hair protein in minutes, how scary is that? I've tried this quite a few times when I was in my teens, and the cream stings really badly. My skin gets all irritated and sensitive after leaving the cream on my skin for a mere few minutes.

The final result is pretty much similar to shaving - hairs removed from the surface only and fast regrowth, but I find that shaving does a cleaner job somehow. Not to mention the waiting time required (10 minutes) and the need to wash off the remainders of the cream on your skin. I can't remember the exact price, but one tube cost about $10ish and can last for maybe 2 months if we use i twice weekly on the underarms only. That'll total up to be $60 a year and $3000 for 50 years.



This is another DIY method which can be done at home, and a $2 tweezer can probably last us for a lifetime. That is if you don't mind the pain, as well as the muscle ache you get after plucking the hair from awkward parts of your body (eg. underarms). Plucking unwanted hair strand by strand is definitely very tiresome and time consuming.

I won't deny that regrowth is much slower since the hair is removed from its roots. However, note that you'll be prone to ingrown hairs which are really irritating!



Just like tweezing, waxing removes hair from its roots, which means it will be very painful. I remember accompanying my friend to a waxing session and I can hear her screaming in the room! The plus points are slow hair regrowth, finer hair in the long run and you don't have to do it yourself. However, you'll need your hair to be at least 5mm before you can go for your next waxing session, so that the wax will be able to "grip" the hairs properly. This means that we can't wear sleeveless tops for at least a week before each waxing session, mehs.

Ah, this is the most costly one out of all.. Underarm waxing costs $20 typically (with reference to groupon prices), and regrowth is about 1-2 weeks, so you'll need 2 sessions a month at least. That totals up to $480 a year and $24,000 for 50 years, not forgetting the transport fees to get to the waxing parlour each time. Are you sure you wanna spend $24,000 in your lifetime paying for painful hair removal?!



Threading is not applicable to underarms (duh!), but I thought I'll just share it here since it is a type of hair removal too. Threading is usually done on the face, on the eyebrows especially. It is pretty similar to tweezing and waxing in the sense that it removes hair from its roots, but a lot more painful! I teared in my first eyebrow threading session, despite the fact that I find tweezing my brows bearable. Threading usually costs about $5-15 each time, depending on which parts of your face you want to do.



I was relying on this method since my late teens! In case you don't know, an epilator is an electrical device (looks like an electric shaver) that can pluck your hairs out. I would say it is similar to tweezing and waxing in terms of effect, and different in terms of speed (to remove hair) and cost. Both speed and cost of epilating is in between tweezing and waxing. Speed-wise, it is just a little slower than shaving. As for the cost, an epilator cost about $200ish (the one with multiple functions and can be used in water) and can last for a few years. Assuming an epilator lasts for 2 years (for a clumsy user like me), epilating will cost $5000 in 50 years.

I used this method because there will be slower regrowths (I hate spiky regrowths roar) and I'm quite unlucky with the shaver, always cutting myself.. I kind of got used to the pain of epilating, at least. Of course, there are many cons too, such as in-grown hair and loose skin (eg. underarm wrinkles).

IPL Hair Removal


This is one of the newer methods to remove hairs, it can remove hairs semi-permanently and slow down hair growth! Results will differ for everyone, and number of treatments required is different too. Downside of IPL will be that it is painful, and cannot be used on people with dark skin or light hair. Also, note that hairs are removed semi-permanently, meaning that they will grow back after some time.

Currently, this method of hair removal is pretty popular, especially when lifetime packages cost as low as $49 on Groupon. However, IPL can also cost a few hundred for a single session at some aesthetics clinics, and this price discrepancy is pretty scary. Choose at your own risk.

VaniSHR Hair Removal / Super Hair Removal (SHR)


And finally, my preferred method for hair removal currently! (I've been doing full body SHR with O Medical Clinic)

VanishR Painless Laser Hair Removal is a new technology of permanent hair removal that combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsating light methods in achieving practically painless results in permanent hair removal. Although it sounds like other laser hair removal treatments such as IPL, the difference is in its utilisation of the melanin path. In other treatments, the laser light energy is transported to the hair root through the melanin path, which may cause swelling and even third-degree burns. On the other hand, SHR technology only utilises the melanin path partially. This treatment is more effective as it uses a slower and longer heating process for permanent hair removal which works on any hair colour.

After trying this treatment at O Medical Clinic, it is definitely my prefered choice as SHR removes hair faster than IPL technology, is safer and painless, brightens and whitens skin. And lastly, more effective than other hair removal methods! 

Here's a video showing the difference between normal IPL and SHR. You can see that IPL gives out 1 shot per second while SHR gives out more than 20 shots per second; hence SHR is definitely better than IPL.

And now, regarding the price.. Lifetime unlimited SHR for underarm at O Medical Clinic costs $150 only. This is much cheaper than most of the hair removal methods listed above! Furthermore, you don't have to do it regularly for the rest of your life.. Just head to the clinic monthly for one or two years and you'll be hairless forever! Definitely value for money!!!!

I'm being naggy here, but do remember that SHR is painless, removes hair PERMANENTLY, and even whitens our skin!! No other hair removal methods above has such benefits.

So you know which type of hair removal method you should choose now?

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