Monday, 29 September 2014


If you don’t know, photo editing is quite a common thing now.. People do it for professional reasons, for blogs, for instagram or even for personal uses.. And I do that too!
And if you’re interested in the “before” and “after” photos, here is mine! I’m sure you can tell which is the “before” and which is the “after” right?
I’ve tried quite a few different softwares and apps, and I’m learning how to use photoshop now, recently got photoshop installed into my lappie finally..  Anyway, the easiest way is to use phone apps of course, especially if you’re not a blogger and don’t need high resolution photos. Sometimes I also use editing apps on my phone for personal blog posts.. (Of course I will use a more professional software for paid ads!)
The photo in this post is edited with a phone app called Mei Tu Xiu Xiu by the way, this app is really not bad, pretty easy to use, and their photo quality has improved quite a lot over the years! Yes, it is free to download, so go download if you’re interested. :)
What I edited: Bigger eyes, smaller nose, sharper face, lighter dark eye circles, smoother skin, etc…


Here’s the “Before”…


Hope you’ve enjoyed this bite-sized post!!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bellabox - Urban Vibes

September's bellabox came really really packed!!! Look at the bulk of products in my Bellabox, so many things that I love (and I think you will too)!!!


Packed to the max, my previous bellaboxes have never been this full!


Here are some of my favourites, but I must say the other products that I didn't feature are as awesome still!

Modelco Party Proof Lipstick

This is definitely the star of September's Bellabox. This lippie alone costs $21.20, which is more than the price of a bellabox alone. This creamy lipstick comes with an inbuilt mirror on the casing, we can touch up our lip color any time!


Klarity Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion

This is my favourite sunblock this summer, the texture is really light and it brightens up my skin tone really well, not forgetting the subtle scent! Blogged about it before over here..


John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum

I am pretty new to John Frieda, and I was curious about the good reviews. Tried this hair serum and I say it really works!! I only applied it on almost dry hair, and my hair was less frizzy immediately, so I guess the effects will be even better when applied to wet hair! Love it that it doesn't give the oily feeling unlike some oil based hair serums. And, I've used up two-thirds of my sample bottle already, that's how much I love this!


Have you gotten your own bellabox? I believe October's Bellabox is gonna be awesome too, since it is Bellabox's birthday!!! :D

Thursday, 25 September 2014

K-Palette 1 Day Magic Series Review

K-Palette's eyeliner has been one of my staples since years ago when I started learning make up. Remember their 24 hour tattoo eyeliner? That was my first ever liquid eyeliner bought from Watsons.. I've finished about 4 or 5 K-palette eyeliners since then, no doubt the brand that I use the most! And their eyeliners are really lasting, each eyeliner lasted me for about a year or so? I love how their eyeliners are able to last on me (my eyelids are moderately oily), and yet easily removed by water-based make up removers or warm water.

I recently received their latest series - K-Palette 1 Day Magic.. This new series is also known as the "Plastic Surgery Make Up", sounds awesome right!!! And indeed, they are!


What is in this new series?

  • 1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara, $27.90

  • 1 Day Magic 3D Palette, $27.90

  • 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner, $22.90

  • 1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid, $19.90


1 Day Magic Eyeglue Liquid

This is basically a glue that can give us double eyelids! I am pretty familiar with double eyelid glue, and this is really good.. The formula is not too thick, doesn't irritate my skin and is easily removed with make up remover. One of the best eyelid glue so far! It can also double as glue for fake eyelashes, but I can't comment on its holding power because I have yet to use it on falsies.


I have tapered eyelids currently, and with this eyelid glue, I can actually achieve parallel double eyelids!!! I believe if I use this regularly enough, I can have permanent parallel eyelids. (I am born with monolids, but they became tapered eyelids after constantly putting eyelid glue for about a year when I was a teen.)


1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner

This is the new version of my old favourite eyeliner, I personally feel that the formula is the same (as good). On top of the old benefits, the new version actually comes with a flat-tip brush! This allows us to draw our eyeliner in 2 different thickness, both thick and thin. I always can't decide if I like their regular or 0.5mm micro eyeliner more, and now this new version has both!


Liquid pen eyeliners are my favourite type of eyeliner, so is this! The eyeliner actually survived on my eyes even after an evening at spa, in sauna and jacuzzi, where the clumsy me accidentally splashed water at my face countless times. I bet you don't know, but my lower lashes in my photos for this blog post are all drawn by this eyeliner!! (If you wanna try this, please go slow and gentle, and start from the outer corners of your eyes.)


1 Day Magic 3D Palette

This is an all-in-one contouring palette, with 2 shades of blusher, highlighter as well as matte brown powder for shading. If you're wondering, it comes with a dual-ended brush (hard and soft), so we don't have to bring an extra brush along. On top of the 3 functions, it can also be used a eyeshadow!


I'll definitely bring this along when I go on a holiday, all-in-one yay! The harder side of the brush is perfect for contouring with the matte brown powder, and the powder is not too dark to be too obvious. I use to as a bronzer on my jawline as well as to contour my nose so that my high bridge looks higher! The pinks are moderate, and both are matte. Lastly, the highlighter powder is a little shimmery, so don't be too heavy handed with this, a little will do! :) I prefer using my own brushes for blusher and bronzer (when I'm home) since the brush that came with this is pretty small, but still very useful when on a trip!


1 Day Magic Fiber Mascara

This mascara has duo brushes with different functions. The black side is a regular waterprood mascara which is supposed to help curl our lashes, and the white side has weightless fibers to help lengthen and volumise our lashes. We're supposed to apply a layer of mascara, extend our lashes with the fibers (the fibers will stick onto the mascara) and then coat everything with the mascara again. This is supposed to help us acheive up to 10x volume, and of course you can repeat the steps above to get a more dramatic effect!

**I have eyelash extensions on so I have yet to try this mascara on myself, but it sounds awesome from other online reviews. Will review it another time if I remove my eyelash extensions..


I LOVE K-PALETTE! :D If you're looking for affordable and good make up, you know you can count on K-palette!


For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

Here's a make up remover that is just like water! Yes water, I'm not kidding!


  • Lightweight and refreshing makeup remover that lifts of more makeup in one wipe!

  • Skin feels clean and refreshed with no sticky after feel

  • Skin feels refreshed with no sticky or oily after-feel

  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin


  • Watery Micellar Technology that efectively dissolves and lifts of all makeup including mascara and eyeliner

  • Natural Mineral Water from the Northern Japanese Alps for a gentle and soothing formula

  • Enriched Collagen and White Tea Extract for brighter, softer and suppler skin

  • Anti-bacterial formula helps prevent pimples and breakouts, and minimises pores for a clearer and more refined complexion


  • Pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad

  • Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe of makeup

  • No rinsing required

  • For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping it of

  • Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is clean


See, it works!


My review:

This product is pretty similar to Bioderma's micellar water on the whole. Colorless and has no smell at all, just like water but able to remove make up! I like the fact that it is not a must to wash our face with water after using this, but I still do wash my face because I'm a paranoid person. Overall, it is able to remove all make up that I've tried so far, but I need to rub a little to get rid of my eye make up completely. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to Bioderma, here it is!

Available at S$18.90 in all pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, and major departmental stores

Monday, 22 September 2014

How can plastic surgery help people?

I believe plastic surgery is nothing new these days, and many people are becoming more open to the idea of plastic surgery. One in five korean women has underwent plastic surgery and the numbers are increasing. Here are some before and after photos!

Lee-Min-Ho-Plastic-Surgery-Before-and-After Park-Bom-Plastic-Surgery-Before-And-After korean-culture enhanced-buzz-30554-1365095488-2 enhanced-buzz-6639-1365095862-13

1) Improve appearance

To look better. If it is possible, why not right? It is undeniable that quite a number of people judge others based on appearances, as shown by some studies. Good looking people have higher chances of clinching a job, earning a better wage, having more friends, etc.

2) Boost Confidence

Looking better definitely gives one a confidence boost. Plastic surgery can improve one's self-esteem, especially those who have been bullied/ostracised/judged due to their looks.

3) For Health

Plastic surgery can also help those who have health issues! Some women with very large breasts experience excruciating back pain due to the weight, and a breast reduction can eliminate or reduce this problem significantly. A nose job can potentially reduce sinus infections, and the removal of breast tissue in men can lower the risk of cancer in that tissue.

Of course, complications might come with plastic surgery, so only do it with a reliable doctor after you've done thorough research! It might be pretty costly and you might need to go for "maintenance" every few years.

Friday, 19 September 2014


I've got a new hair color...

Remember my blonde hair??? I thought it was super dramatic and YOLO already...

But... I DID SOMETHING EVEN MORE YOLO.... Something brighter.......


I felt like a superstar whenever I'm outside, because everyone is looking at me, opps... This didn't even happen when I'm blonde haha! Everyone's reaction was super big. When my sister saw me for the first time, her face was like this :O as she walk to me from afar... Forgot to close her mouth totally haha... And when I posted a family photo (I was at the background) on instagram about our lobster feast at the super popular Pince and Pints, almost all the comments are about my hair color instead of the food... Well, that is some short-lived attention that I won't get in my life anymore haha!



I mean, since I bleached my hair, I should try some funky colors right? No point regretting not trying when I'm older.. I'll look weird if I go pink in the future, imagine an auntie with neon pink hair! *cringes* Also, I will be joining the workforce soon, so I might not be able to have bright colored hair in the future (who knows, maybe for all my life)... Lastly, I'll need to bleach my hair again if I wanna try funky colors next time... SO NOW IS THE BEST TIME, WHEN I HAVE BLONDE HAIR AND BEFORE I GO FOR INTERNSHIP OR GRADUATE FROM UNI!

Anyway, I really love my previous light blonde color!! That's my favourite color so far! Don't get me wrong, I like pink too.. I switched hair color so quickly because I'll have to go dark soon, for internship interviews and then internship and then work... Must try as many colors as I can before I go dark again! If I didn't have to go for internship, I'll definitely stick to light blonde for a few more months before trying pink.. Really liked my light blonde hair a lot!


As usual, my hair is done by my hair stylist, Jerry, from Shunji Matsuo at 313! Since I was already blonde, going pink is pretty straightforward.. Just a one step dyeing process! :) The pink dye Jerry used is from the Goldwell Elumen series! The colors from the Elumen series are super nice and bright, I had a hard time deciding between pink, red violet and purple.. Jerry also told me that the Elumen series will not damage my hair at all, it is basically color pigments that cling onto my hair (since my hair is already light in color), unlike other dyes that actually has to do the job of lightening your hair and then coloring it. So only the bleaching is the damaging part, you can enjoy changing the colors (Elumen) after that haha!!

Previously, my hair was bleached twice over 2 months prior to this visit to go pink. (Part 1 and Part 2) I think Jerry did a great job since the condition of my hair is pretty good so far.. Yes, my hair is definitely drier than before, but I still get compliments from others that it looks silky.. I don't comb my hair FYI.... Just super happy that it still looks silky effortlessly! :D   (I've heard of people who bleached their hair elsewhere and their hair ended up like pubic hair, plus their scalp got burnt by the bleach very badly.. But not the case for me at all, phew!)

And and and and and.... If you didn't read my blog post about going blonde part 2, let me repeat.. It is Shunji Matsuo's (313 branch) 3rd Anniversary! They're having a 15% off promotion (usually 10% only) until 26 October, so this is the best time to visit them.. Call 6238 0226 to book an appointment before going down, remember to ask for Jerry ya! :)


Okay, after all the talking, photos of my pink hair now! No more words, just enjoy the photos.. Was lucky to have found this spot for my photos, the blue and yellow is pretty contrasting to my pink hair! And don't you think that my BF's photo taking skills is improving? ;)

20140905_171333_3small20140905_171637_3small 20140905_171900_3small 20140905_171632_3sall

If you're thinking of doing bright colors, I suggest you don't hestitate and just go for it! Because you should try it when you can :)

Shunji Matsuo at 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26, 313@Somerset
Tel:   6238 0226
FB Page:

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

CreerBeaute is in Singapore now!

Do you still remember that quite some years ago, anything japanese was the "in" thing? That was when I found my love for Japanese beauty products, and I'm still loving them! :)

Was really excited to know that another Japanese makeup line is to be launched in Singapore!! CreerBeaute, the much raved Japanese Amine makeup line, is famous for their Sailor moon series as well as Versailles series of makeup products.. Read on to know more about the products and my mini reviews! They are now available at selected Watsons stores if you wanna get them!

Went for their media launch at Oasia Hotel some weeks ago..


With Theresa.. Whee 2 blondies! (Ahhh I really miss my blonde hair now)



There was live demonstration by Japanese make up artist Mawaki Yamamoto over at the event, and he even went to each table to give us make up tips!

DSC06025 - Copy


And the eyeliners in super pretty and girly packaging!


We got to try out the eyeliners at the event, I randomly tried these 2 eyeliners from the Versailles series and I was amazed! Just look at the color intensity of the eyeliners, and they have a nice matte finishing that I've never seen in liquid pen eyeliners before.. This is really love at first sight!!


I didn't manage to try out the other eyeliners at the event as I was busy looking at the make up demo after that.. But fret not, CreerBeaute gave me a tote bag full of eyeliner goodies! Such generousity, how can I not love them seriously?

IMG_20140819_073251 - Copy

I swatched them when I got home, and here are some mini reviews on their different eyeliners if you are thinking of getting them! On the whole, all are pretty good and value for money.. And... Tested them under running water and all of them are water resistant! Stating this here first so that I don't have to repeat for each type of eyeliners later hehe..
Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black ($20.50) & Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown ($20.50)

Yep, these are the two which I've tried at the event and I love them! Highly pigmented liquid eyeliners with a matte finish.. They really stand out from ALL the liquid pen eyeliners that I've ever used! The brush tip is pretty versatile, able to draw both fine and thick lines as shown below. If you're looking for a strong and defined eyeliner, this is definitely for you! These two are my favourite out of all the eyeliners in this blogpost (and the price is slightly lower than the others if you're on a budget)!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner in Black and Brown ($24.70 each)

Here's another pair of black and brown liquid eyeliners, from the sailormoon series this time round! These two are definitely less pigmented than the Versailles ones and not as matte. The special part about these liners is that they contain high polymer ingredients that gives off a shiny finish! Zoom into my photo to see better if you wish.. On the whole, I feel that these work well as basic eyeliners (still of acceptable color intensity despite being less pigmented), but note that the shiny finish is not that obvious when on your eye!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner in Orange Gold, Green, Red and Blue ($24.70 each)

These are the colored eyeliners if you're feeling adventurous! My favourite has to be the orange gold one, and I kind of like the red one too, to my surprise. I use them on my lower lash line at the outer corner of my eyes like what make up artist Mawaki Yamamoto taught us. (Of course, you can even use them on your upper lash line if you want.) The formula is great, long lasting and pretty smudge-proof! My only gripe is that we have to twist the end to dispense the "ink" each time we use this, and I tend to dispense too much, opps. Troublesome and wasteful! :(
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White ($18.50)

As for the white pencil eyeliner, it is very useful for inner corners of my eyes or even aegyo-sal! It is supposedly creamy in texture, but to be honest, the glittery white texture doesn't look very even on my eyes close-up. Still, looks okay as long as I don't stick my nose at the mirror and stare at myself.. Oh, and this is really long lasting, it is still there at the end of a long day! Some white liners are not lasting at all, if you don't know...


Also, they have "sets" for their Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner and Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner ($36.90 for 2 eyeliners) if you wish to get both of them.. Yay to savings! The color pairing is fixed though, Brown with Orange Gold and Black with Green.. I'll recommend the Brown + Orange Gold pair haha!

20140830_232329 - Copy

I have the Miracle Romance Brown and Orange Gold liners on in this photo, nice right? I never knew orange can look good as an eyeliner! It brightens up my outer undereye area well, and makes my eyes look bigger at the same time.. :)

20140831_150428-1_mr1409815763241Last photo, this was another day, and I was using Miracle Romance in Black and Orange Gold here. Still awed by how I ended up liking an Orange Gold eyeliner haha!


CreerBeaute products are now available selected Watsons stores: Jurong Point, Vivo City, Ngee Ann City, Asia Square, Compass Point, Parkway Parade, Junction 8, Causeway Point, Yew Tee Point West Mall and all 49 Watsons stores with Japanese Corner like Takashimaya and Marina Square.

All the eyeliners are pretty good on the whole.. If you're thinking of getting an eyeliner, you might want to consider getting CreerBeaute's liners! :D

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Top 10 Celebrity Diets

Today more than ever the pressure is on for us to be thin and beautiful. With the combination of the abundance of unhealthful food options readily available and the pressure created by thin celebrities with perfect bodies, it can prove difficult for us to feel as though we fit in during the summer holiday.

What many of us fail to realise, however, is that these celebrities have to work hard to maintain their bodies utilising the best celebrity diets. Rather than being jealous that we don’t look like them, we should instead take measures to try to learn from them. There are a variety of celebrity diet plans that have proven effective for the most beautiful people that we would love to emulate.

Here’s the top ten for you to try.

Five Factor Diet

The five factor diet consists of consuming five meals daily, and each meal consists of five ingredients. The target ingredients include protein, unsaturated fats, fibre, carbs and a drink containing no sugar. Furthermore, the dieter is required to work out for around a half an hour five days a week.

In order to make this diet realistic, participants are allowed one day a week to indulge in the foods they love. This gives them something to look forward to and actually increases their chances at success. Eva Mendez reportedly lost 15 pounds employing this little-known technique.

Maple Syrup Diet

It may sound strange, but Beyoncé Knowles is said to have lost 19 pounds using the maple syrup diet. The diet is more of a fast in which, for a ten day time frame, nothing is consumed except for a concoction of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water. This diet helps the body rid itself of toxins, and the cayenne pepper helps speed metabolism.

Holistic Detox Diet

Celebrities such as Kate Moss are said to have found success in the holistic detox diet. The 38-year-old model allegedly lost eight pounds in 21 days eating only from a constricted list of foods including red meat, nuts and tea. One of the celebrity diet secrets of this particular method is to chew food 10 times prior to swallowing as this speeds digestion.

Hampton's diet

When analysing celebrity diets, the Hampton’s diet is worth mentioning as it is said to have helped actress Sarah Jessica Parker eradicate 15 pounds. This strategy works by the dieter eliminating processed foods. They instead eat foods found on the outer edges of the grocery store such as raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish. This diet is one that is healthful not just as a temporary lifestyle change but also as a way of life.

Three Hour Diet

Those needing to trim a few pounds to fit into that cute new bathing suit can follow in the footsteps of Jessica Biel by participating in the three hour diet. The actress lost 10 pounds by eating six small meals every three hours throughout the day to minimise cravings. Dieters are encouraged to compare their portions with objects. By associating portion sizes with familiar objects, they are more likely to remember the correct quantities of certain foods to stay on track with the diet plan.

Macrobiotic Diet

Madonna is said to have lost 12 pounds employing a diet high in fibre to lose weight. Foods consumed include uncooked foods and soy products. While the macrobiotic diet is not ideal to pursue for the long-term, it has proven effective in weight loss.

Raw Food Diet

Cooking fruits and vegetables causes them to lose key nutrients, and this diet helps promote health in addition to reaching the ideal weight. Actress Demi Moore reportedly lost 11 pounds by eating three quarters of her food uncooked on the raw food diet.

It can be unsafe to consume undercooked meats, so it is recommended for dieters considering this plan to limit their diet to raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes and natural juices during the length of their diet.

Zone diet

Jennifer Aniston is said to have lost 9 pounds by utilising a simple mathematical ratio into her daily food consumption through the zone diet. This method involves calculating the proper ratio of carbs to fats to proteins. Participants such as Aniston have found success by employing a ration of 40:30:30.

This diet is effective in that it helps the body lose weight in a healthful manner without restricting it from the elements it needs that most diets avoid completely. By regulating this intake, the body can better adapt to the diet as well as keep the weight off for the long-term.

Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet acclaimed by actress Elizabeth Hurley takes into consideration findings from studies that have associated the effects of food items in relation to blood types. For example, it was discovered that type A individuals are more likely to lose weight by consuming more fruits and vegetables while type O dieters should instead eat lots of red meat.

While some debate the findings of these studies, Hurley allegedly lost 12 pounds through the implementation of this plan.

Geno Type Diet

The same scientists who conducted the studies for the blood type diet also did further studies comparing dieters’ genes in comparison to food consumption to determine correlations. They concluded that the six different gene types indeed make a difference in what type of diet will be effective for individuals.

Acclaimed talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey is said to have lost 19 pounds using the knowledge gained through these studies on the geno type diet.