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CreerBeaute is in Singapore now!

Do you still remember that quite some years ago, anything japanese was the "in" thing? That was when I found my love for Japanese beauty products, and I'm still loving them! :)

Was really excited to know that another Japanese makeup line is to be launched in Singapore!! CreerBeaute, the much raved Japanese Amine makeup line, is famous for their Sailor moon series as well as Versailles series of makeup products.. Read on to know more about the products and my mini reviews! They are now available at selected Watsons stores if you wanna get them!

Went for their media launch at Oasia Hotel some weeks ago..


With Theresa.. Whee 2 blondies! (Ahhh I really miss my blonde hair now)



There was live demonstration by Japanese make up artist Mawaki Yamamoto over at the event, and he even went to each table to give us make up tips!

DSC06025 - Copy


And the eyeliners in super pretty and girly packaging!


We got to try out the eyeliners at the event, I randomly tried these 2 eyeliners from the Versailles series and I was amazed! Just look at the color intensity of the eyeliners, and they have a nice matte finishing that I've never seen in liquid pen eyeliners before.. This is really love at first sight!!


I didn't manage to try out the other eyeliners at the event as I was busy looking at the make up demo after that.. But fret not, CreerBeaute gave me a tote bag full of eyeliner goodies! Such generousity, how can I not love them seriously?

IMG_20140819_073251 - Copy

I swatched them when I got home, and here are some mini reviews on their different eyeliners if you are thinking of getting them! On the whole, all are pretty good and value for money.. And... Tested them under running water and all of them are water resistant! Stating this here first so that I don't have to repeat for each type of eyeliners later hehe..
Lady Oscar Liquid Eyeliner Black ($20.50) & Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown ($20.50)

Yep, these are the two which I've tried at the event and I love them! Highly pigmented liquid eyeliners with a matte finish.. They really stand out from ALL the liquid pen eyeliners that I've ever used! The brush tip is pretty versatile, able to draw both fine and thick lines as shown below. If you're looking for a strong and defined eyeliner, this is definitely for you! These two are my favourite out of all the eyeliners in this blogpost (and the price is slightly lower than the others if you're on a budget)!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner in Black and Brown ($24.70 each)

Here's another pair of black and brown liquid eyeliners, from the sailormoon series this time round! These two are definitely less pigmented than the Versailles ones and not as matte. The special part about these liners is that they contain high polymer ingredients that gives off a shiny finish! Zoom into my photo to see better if you wish.. On the whole, I feel that these work well as basic eyeliners (still of acceptable color intensity despite being less pigmented), but note that the shiny finish is not that obvious when on your eye!

Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner in Orange Gold, Green, Red and Blue ($24.70 each)

These are the colored eyeliners if you're feeling adventurous! My favourite has to be the orange gold one, and I kind of like the red one too, to my surprise. I use them on my lower lash line at the outer corner of my eyes like what make up artist Mawaki Yamamoto taught us. (Of course, you can even use them on your upper lash line if you want.) The formula is great, long lasting and pretty smudge-proof! My only gripe is that we have to twist the end to dispense the "ink" each time we use this, and I tend to dispense too much, opps. Troublesome and wasteful! :(
Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Pencilliner White ($18.50)

As for the white pencil eyeliner, it is very useful for inner corners of my eyes or even aegyo-sal! It is supposedly creamy in texture, but to be honest, the glittery white texture doesn't look very even on my eyes close-up. Still, looks okay as long as I don't stick my nose at the mirror and stare at myself.. Oh, and this is really long lasting, it is still there at the end of a long day! Some white liners are not lasting at all, if you don't know...


Also, they have "sets" for their Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquidliner and Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner ($36.90 for 2 eyeliners) if you wish to get both of them.. Yay to savings! The color pairing is fixed though, Brown with Orange Gold and Black with Green.. I'll recommend the Brown + Orange Gold pair haha!

20140830_232329 - Copy

I have the Miracle Romance Brown and Orange Gold liners on in this photo, nice right? I never knew orange can look good as an eyeliner! It brightens up my outer undereye area well, and makes my eyes look bigger at the same time.. :)

20140831_150428-1_mr1409815763241Last photo, this was another day, and I was using Miracle Romance in Black and Orange Gold here. Still awed by how I ended up liking an Orange Gold eyeliner haha!


CreerBeaute products are now available selected Watsons stores: Jurong Point, Vivo City, Ngee Ann City, Asia Square, Compass Point, Parkway Parade, Junction 8, Causeway Point, Yew Tee Point West Mall and all 49 Watsons stores with Japanese Corner like Takashimaya and Marina Square.

All the eyeliners are pretty good on the whole.. If you're thinking of getting an eyeliner, you might want to consider getting CreerBeaute's liners! :D

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