Monday, 22 September 2014

How can plastic surgery help people?

I believe plastic surgery is nothing new these days, and many people are becoming more open to the idea of plastic surgery. One in five korean women has underwent plastic surgery and the numbers are increasing. Here are some before and after photos!

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1) Improve appearance

To look better. If it is possible, why not right? It is undeniable that quite a number of people judge others based on appearances, as shown by some studies. Good looking people have higher chances of clinching a job, earning a better wage, having more friends, etc.

2) Boost Confidence

Looking better definitely gives one a confidence boost. Plastic surgery can improve one's self-esteem, especially those who have been bullied/ostracised/judged due to their looks.

3) For Health

Plastic surgery can also help those who have health issues! Some women with very large breasts experience excruciating back pain due to the weight, and a breast reduction can eliminate or reduce this problem significantly. A nose job can potentially reduce sinus infections, and the removal of breast tissue in men can lower the risk of cancer in that tissue.

Of course, complications might come with plastic surgery, so only do it with a reliable doctor after you've done thorough research! It might be pretty costly and you might need to go for "maintenance" every few years.

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